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5555: Making May Full Moon Work For Us

Full moon over the mountains
Photo by Jorge Cardner

Today is the day we've been waiting for. . . the time to make spiritual magic appear in our everyday lives, an aligned path to walk toward the dreams and make them a reality. On May 5, 2023, we have the full moon, partial lunar eclipse, and Mercury in retro, giving us an unbelievable period for us to make changes that will lead to karmic returns, rewards, and dreams coming true.

Over the next several days and the following two to four weeks, the 5555 magic of the full moon will spin us up or down depending on what thoughts and actions hold our focus. Let's break it down and gain insight into how to use this spiritual and astrological time for our best interest.

We will review the following:

  • 5555: Why this astrological period is so special

  • 5555: Spiritual and karmic returns

  • 5555: Making the May Full Moon work for us

5555: Why this astrological period is so special

5 th day of the month, 5th day of the week, 5th month, of the year 2+3=5. It's a rare time to work with the spiritual realms and create the shift of positivity to come in at a faster pace. What we think and feel will manifest from our unconscious mind into our reality.

We go through our life doing our best, often giving more than others, yet there can still be a feeling that something is missing or luck isn't on our side. Sometimes it can seem no matter what we do; we believe we're cursed or not worthy of the best that we genuinely deserve leaving us feeling worn out, tired, perhaps even weak.

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Right now, our feelings are being triggered by all of these astrological and spiritual placement energies vibrating at us - no matter where we live in the world. It can be worrisome and challenging if we allow old issues to sit in our inner selves, blocking us from gaining and creating karma. Generally, we don't even realize this is happening as hidden fear dominates us and changes our life path. So that relates to what we constantly fight to remove, suppressing, and deferment will pop into our lives when we aren't looking. If we want positive change, we must align our mind, body, and spiritual connections to turn in our favor. That's what this incredible metaphysical phase will help us with now.

We can hesitate to initiate new careers, education, skills, and relationships from fear of the past. The thought of someone coming in and breaking our hearts or security makes us want to hide and avoid "new" at all costs. Unfortunately, all costs mean just that - ALL representing every aspect of life. The karma returns or recycles, putting us into a deeper sense of insecurity than if we feel free to move forward. However, If you knew you were safe and protected, would you take the risk of creating a dream? You are. This unbelievable time isn't about anyone else, only you. The unseen realms are here to help overcome everything, including exhaustion, but only if we face it. With our courage and bravery comes the biggest karmic defeat and blessings.

5555: Spiritual and Karmic Returns


May Horoscope Psychic Astro Forecast for all zodiac signs
photo by Ascending Souls Journey

May Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

Psychic Astro Forecast - it's a great month!


The cosmos have a plan for each soul, and it will take each person's energy to make changes happen. When we break down the spiritual meaning of 5555, we can overcome past life experiences and current problems and open ourselves up to change the energies of interconnections with everyone and each situation that caused us harm, or we caused injury to others.


5 is the karmic number for change. No matter what we do, it will create change. So let's make efforts toward what we want. Starting on May 5, 2023, let's start the changes with ease. To do this, we must take a risk - wake up our souls by shaking the regular pace. We can achieve it by doing it differently. Try a new spice or different foods. Explore the culture or region you would like to visit. That far-away location entices and creates a craving to see the sites and learn everything our hearts want. Find a local restaurant nearby and order the food for that envisioned destination, or find a recipe and make it yourself. Open the pallet to the fulfillment of a dream in the making.

Step out of your comfort zone of believing everyone is miserable and evil. It may seem that way based on what we watch and who is around us. However, it isn't the truth. Search for a local community event or virtual gathering where new people believe in similar aspects of life. If we want to run a 10k marathon by fall, start walking one to two miles daily to begin training. Create a new lifestyle change that will implode into new blessings ushered in by the breeze blowing in favor of those that take action. Whatever our desire is, there is a way to begin to experience it even without financial output. Try something new that is in sync with your goals.

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One of the most challenging feats we can overcome is things caught up in the ego. This includes negativity brought on by our words, actions, and lack of actions. If we hold on to the materialistic side of our ego, it will create a new or boosted karmic effect, or it will come in and keep us stuck. So it is to our benefit to let go of egotistical beliefs, thoughts, and other associated toxic patterns. The rewards will be better than most of us dream of, but they must come from our conscious and unconsciousness and return to the beautiful form at the time of creation.

The mind transfers the power within to move from one place to another through the cosmos. We can send messages to others and create anything to come into our life from our consciousness. If we have negative thoughts toward another person, old company, or anything that brought us pain, we create a modified monstrosity that will be ultra-challenging to overcome. Keep happy thoughts focused on what we want, our authentic selves, and where we want to go. It's not about harming anyone - just the good stuff for us.

Life is good photo by Dominik Hofbauer
Photo by Dominik Hofbauer
What is the spiritual meaning of the number 5?

After so much change and the feeling of exhaustion, the number five will not only be highlighted on May 5, 2023, but the spiritual signs will be everywhere.

Get ready to see the angelic or spiritual sign of the number 5, which represents change and a positive one at that! Not to mention this is happening in the season of Taurus, which holds a strong bond to great fortune and good luck.

5555 means Good luck is on our side!

5555: Making the May Full Moon Work For Us

The spiritual meaning of the number 5 brings us good luck, as does the Taurus energy that we are currently in, heightening our chance to finally get what we want. Manifest and co-creating with others and the universe in harmony. We may be tired of hearing about manifesting when everything seems to stay the same. However, we are the only ones who can do it for ourselves by co-creating with unseen positive energies.

Let's look at the details. Love, Relationships, Career, and General. Limited time availability.

It can happen in one sitting or may need several times of intentional, conscious work to learn how to bring in our dreams. It can also mean that for those who feel like a victim, it's time to use our "Micro Vibes" by LA Gonzales and move right past those interfering with us. That's working with the 5555 energy, the Full Moon vibrations, and understanding how to spot anything or person holding us back, especially ourselves.

The challenges include releasing, which includes forgiveness. To release our inner spirit, we must say adios to those bandits of deception - non-verbally, not in regular conversation. Forgiveness means nothing to anyone that causes us harm; therefore, it would be pointless to walk up (or call) them to say those words. We have listed a few ways to accomplish this today and immediately feel the universal blessings internally and externally. We must clear and cleanse with the moon's energy helping to make a deep flush of spiritual toxins in the mind, body, and soul.

Here are four steps to use the 5555: May 2023 Full Moon energies to produce positive results:

Step 1:

Accountability and forgiveness will be needed!

We can accomplish this by writing out what you want to remove. Get a paper and pen and list them out.


Speak it out and give it to the universe to handle in their way, not ours (no ego)

Schedule a session with a therapist, spiritual life coach, or a trusting person and speak it out.

Step 2:

5555: 2023 Full moon is attached to our emotions. The element of water represents our spiritual interconnection of feelings and emotions. Water moves the unseen energy allowing anything lodged or stuck to become loose and fall away. It clears our minds and hearts, letting warmth return to our core. Scorpio's full moon gives the extra push to make it fall away

Water. Sit in the tub, stand in the shower, place your feet in a tub of water or a nearby natural water setting.

Drink water… water…water


Schedule a Spritual Balancing Energy Coaching session to align and grow.


After each sip, close your eyes and see what you want. See it in your mind and open your heart to receive it.

Step 3

Use a guided meditation or spiritual or psychic session to speed the process. Try a guided meditation to help create the visual images in the conscious mind and pull out the hidden in the unconscious mind.

Gain clarity, courage, and conviction with a private spiritual life coach or a trusted psychic. Make sure it is someone trustworthy as we open our unconscious mind to allow the good to come into our reality. Choosing someone who wants to cause harm will create the same old pattern to return.


Cutting Energy Cords Guided Ceremony - It's a fast and easy way to release attachments. Instant access. Start today.


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Step 4

Trust. . . . Believe. . . . Trust. . . . Believe and be happy knowing the rewards are on the way!

5555: Let The Magic Full Moon Begin

As we know, some undeniable benefits take place when our faith and beliefs come into reality. As we gain, we feel amazing; if it's in our destined path, others will also benefit. The 5555 gateway is opening to allow the magic to happen with the release of the Full Moon. Deep pain must subside, and a healed heart, now rejuvenated, is a universal mandate to create or co-create. These energies will last for two to four weeks, so there is time, but no time to waste.

Clear and rejuvenate the inner soul to align with our consciousness. Now on SALE!

We are never alone. Therefore, we are healing those old wounds with the helping hands of the cosmos and many who walk in the path of divine grace. Lightworkers, psychics, and spiritual coaches can help you make the magic happen through your energy attachment. Yes, we can clear the karma from the old souls' past. Work within your inner guided compass and create a positive flow in your journey using imagination and Trust.

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Are you ready to move into something better? What do you want to receive?


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