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May Spiritual and Psychic News

May 2023 will be one of the best months of the year! Use the help from the cosmos and universal shifts to grow spiritual awareness and find a better life and soul path.

May notes, updates, and spiritual growth
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May Spiritual and Psychic News: Word of the Month

Our guides and higher power give explicit detail to guide us in life. We all need a focal point to help us navigate daily struggles, delays, and changes. In every edition of our newsletters, we will give the keywords to help inspire and grow our community in a positive direction. Focusing on the meaning of the word, writing it down on small pieces of paper, and placing them anywhere we spend time. The kitchen sink area, bathroom mirror, our cars, in our purses and pockets; anywhere we can instantly look at it for the inspiring word to grow our life.

May's Spiritual Word of the Month: Resilience

The month of May 2023 will be a month of “Resilience” for every zodiac sign across the globe. According to the American Psychological Association, resilience is defined as “the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility and adjustment to external and internal demands.”

No matter what spiritual and life experiences we have encountered in the past, they all lead up to this crucial point in our spiritual journey. Each person and experience helps guide us to grow and make necessary changes to develop a stronger sense of genuine character, and this month will be the point of no return. Spiritual Empowerment will arrive with no fear or doubts.

May is the month to no longer hold onto anything or anyone that triggers or creates a pullback movement in our mind, body, and spirit. Mercury in Retrograde is in full effect until May 14th, giving us yet another moment to pull out the necessary, release the unnecessary, and maintain our own unique beliefs.


Zodiac News - Crossing The Bridge

May Spiritual and Psychic News: If we find ourselves thinking about a situation from long ago over the next few weeks, know the universe is guiding us into completion through the retrograde cycle, and there is a reason for it. Yes, it may mean that “one” person that caused pain and damage may be re-entering our lives; however, for most of us, it’s a letting go phase. It's time to cross the spiritual bridge and follow our inner psychic into a new phase.

Unchartered waters will appear when we least expect them, particularly in love. Some may still have a soft residue of foundation work needed, and others will be smooth sailing. The beliefs we carry into the new journey will be of our choice, and a feeling of inner freedom will follow.


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Psychic Quote of the Month:

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we fear less."

No more spiritual barriers, psychic alignment
Be Fearless

What does this mean?

May Spiritual and Psychic News: When we feed our spiritual minds full of new information

It has been said fear isn't real, and somewhere inside, we know this is true. If the intensity of the moment doesn't reveal anything harmful, then there is nothing around to cause fear except our memories and mind itself. We can expand creativity and intellect while changing our compass in the right direction. Proper and correct details will help us avoid adverse outcomes. Intelligence turns into knowledge, which turns into wisdom. Our mind works in tandem with body and soul.

With proper mind nutrition and healing of our bodies from negativity, we can use the "Micro Vibes" method (by LA Gonzales) to feel lighter and sense we hold the power to make changes that will bring us the ultimate victory of walking life and soul's purpose.


May Horoscopes

May is a triple play month, so let's look at our Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs for highlights on what to focus on and let go of over the next 30 days.

Tarot Card of the Month: The Chariot Card

It’s time to move past all obstructions and focus on what we want while maintaining utmost dignity, self-love, and non-injuring actions toward anyone, especially ourselves. In order to receive this divine message, we had to have already overcome the pains and guilt associated with self-accountability. We now have embarrassed the feeling of humiliation that leads us to become spiritually empowered to walk our lives and souls' purpose, no longer feeling weak but courageous and balanced.


Psychic Energy Combo - Limited

A 40-minute session to find any blockages and begin to move the negative or stagnant energy to allow the opening shift of clarity, healing, and abundance to return. Yes, using divine guidance and spiritual gifts, together we will help you start or complete a cycle allowing a new life path. Limited availability.


What's New In Our Community?

A Colorado Reunion

We have had a wonderful experience moving from one side of the United States to the other and now returned back to Colorado. New growth has allowed new projects and realignment with original creations to help others in their spiritual journey to move into a lifestyle at its best. Sign up for our free newsletter, and let’s continue to grow and excel in our new life paths.

Ascending Members Community:

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Courses for Spiritual and Energy Balance and Expansion:


May Special

Spiritual Balancing Energy Coaching- A 40-minute session

Get unstuck and open a doorway to a new path. A combined intuitive spiritual psychic reading with energy gauging and assistance to open chakras that are blocking clarity and spiritual growth. When our inner alignment is off, we can begin to doubt everything we have accomplished and wonder if we are still on track for what we've been manifesting. The universal law of abundance is always there for us, and sometimes, we just need a little insight and coaching to help us along our journey. Limited time offer.


A New Platform of the Month:

"The Ascending Times" Lifestyle at its Best!

by Ascending Times Media LLC

Join us as we bond in a new platform where we spread truth based on facts from people in the industries, cultures, and venues in life who share the meaning of ascending into a lifestyle we love. Laugh, cry, and grow together in our new community. Enjoy interviews with business owners, political figures, designers, authors, psychologists, and everyday souls to stay on track with real situations and experiences.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, "The Ascending Times," as we begin to continue to create our own Lifestyle at its best!

Wellness, Business, Podcast Series, Opinion: Ask Netty; Living, Art, Fashion/Beauty, Travel, Book Club, and Horoscope Inspirations.


Listen for divine intervention from your angels, guides, and archangels. They are always nearby to help.


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