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A Powerful New Moon

Updated: Jan 12

A Powerful New Moon for all zodiac signs
Zodiac Signs photo by Josh Rangel

A Powerful New Moon

It's that beautiful time when the cosmos opens the gates for all zodiac signs to start something new and spiritual growth. Yes, we are referring to a powerful new moon that's coming. According to Old Farmers Almanac, the New Moon will begin February 20, at 2:09 am Dublin, NH time zone, just in the nick of time. If we've been working on releasing the icky and yucky past stuff, this will be a green light for some of our zodiac signs to step up and take action.

Following our intuition about what we are to partake in is crucial because using this date and time will make a mark for months and years to come. It's the perfect time to start a new campaign sponsoring a charity organization. Giving love to others in creating unity for a cause will bring in abundance quickly and continue as the year progresses.

New business documents can be signed, and opening a new campaign or website will be a step in the right direction. New job offers and career changes are highlighted through this cycle. Restoring our faith in love will also have energetic rewards,

bringing help from the planets. Whether it's the love of the arts, friendships, or romantic relationships, additional values will arise as we begin a new direction with passion in everything we touch.

I have tried this method for years, and it works! This isn't to say other cycles and phases don't bring value; however, this may be a positive push if we want to gain abundance and prosperity. Be warned! What we are thinking about will spring new buds for our future. Believing in our spiritual growth and staying balanced will prove most favorable for our outcome.

Get Ready Zodiac Signs - Change is in store.

All zodiac signs horoscope forecast for the new moon phase
Zodiac Forecast photo by LA Gonzales

Reminder: Only Positive thoughts are allowed!

Let's all wish Happy Birthday to our Pisces as your special season begins! Leave an "HB" note in the comments.


Horoscopes Predictions

What to expect for each zodiac sign

Aries ♈

Putting a Finalizing touch on that long-drawn-out endeavor or idea will benefit our Aries. Celebrations with friends, family, and soul connections will boost inner confidence, leaving this zodiac sign shining like a star. Returning to the magnetic reflection that captivates audiences everywhere will sprout buds that something bigger is on the way.

Prepare for a new fun phase; even sex appeal is waiting for action through this moon phase.

Indulging in a diet filled with healthy nutrients like fresh fruits and vegetables will give a healthy glow in appearance and from within.

Taurus ♉

Say hooray before the sun rises, knowing something unique is in store. Keeping up with the fast-paced scheduling will be a breeze with some organization and restructuring. No matter what is getting ready to start, the cosmos will tickle our Taureans' tummy to say, “here’s a special reward.”

Romance may only be at the forefront once Aries enters the galaxy system; however, self-love will be more than fulfilling as inner desires show up, accompanied by a way to make them happen. Walking and boating will be great ways to stay grounded while creating positive life transitions. Avoid too much of unhealthy foods filled with chemicals and high carbs to vibrate and radiate the winning attitude.

Gemini ♊

Waiting on anyone to begin a growth journey, particularly in finances, will no longer be on the to-do list. Action, action, and more action will coax Gemini into creating a new structure in family and business. Revising a resume showing verifiable credentials and sending it out when the New Moon arrives will prove favorable.

So much energy will come through to this air sign that sitting still may be challenging. Avoid overeating sugar or start to quit it together. Unhealthy sugary sweets create too many energy vibrations and may feel like things are going too fast. Focus on self-love, diet, and a daily physical routine will be a rejuvenation that engages others to come over and say, “well, hello.”

Cancer ♋

Although “a-more” may have been on the mind of crabs, romance is not necessarily the focus through this cycle. The cosmos want to bring in a heart-opening experience, and it can be in any area we choose - not just in the mind but also deep within the soul. The lazy and blah days are getting ready to leave, so sitting around and munching on too many snacks will no longer be an issue.

Finding a nearby lake or ocean will help wake the senses from the top to the bottom of our Cancereans. Smelling the fresh air, particularly when the new moon arrives, will help restore any doubt, turning inner feelings into faith. Reducing sugar consumption and fatty foods will bring a lighter sense internally and reduce body poundage simultaneously. Grow and be inspired by dreams and make them happen!


Leo ♌

Lifting the covers off in the early morning on this date will feel like the worries and concerns dominating over many months are gone, leaving an open door to a new way of life. Signing the contracts needed will prove favorable for Leo during this cosmic phase.

Beginning or enhancing a daily physical practice will lead to a roaring inner confidence that others will not be able to say the word no. Avoid alcohol and harsh chemicals, rejuvenate with healthy foods, and increase authoritative knowledge to increase mind power. The results will be out of this world!

Virgo ♍

Wake up and say, “hello, world” Virgo is here! A powerful presence will emerge, filled with absolute confidence you are moving in the right direction. A youthful and bountiful period is arriving that will usher in many opportunities, especially in career and family. Making fabulous healthy meals will send alarms to everyone invited that things are changing for the better.

Begin or increase a meditation or prayer ritual to heighten the inner knowing and increase intuition. It will help with significant decisions coming in, particularly surrounding relationships.

Two for One! The sale is open. Gain spiritual insight into inner gifts and how to use them while walking the right path toward Abundance!

Libra ♎

Happy days are on the way! A deep feeling that things are changing over the next few weeks will also arrive with positive cosmic reinforcement. All bets are off for romantic relationships that no longer touch the heart of Libra. Zero tolerance for toxicity will grab the mind and spirit of this zodiac sign, bringing a positive outcome.

A change of scenery will be valuable. Whether flying to a new destination or driving to the hiking trails nearby will do wonders. Earthly encounters with nature will help relieve doubts and recharge the internal spiritual batteries to keep going toward your dreams.

Scorpio ♏

Shedding the heavy shell that has been giving me a restricted feeling will dissipate early in the morning. An inner knowing a job well done has happened and brings a glow that will send out invitations to find new friends and hobbies.

Joining a local organization to volunteer will be a breath of fresh air, as things are finally turning in Scorpion's favor. Be careful of negative thinking to prevent reigniting an old flame situation. Stepping into a park surrounded by people will lift spirits and confirm that the new direction is correct. Avoid overindulging in anything unhealthy and let a fresh start happen.


Sagittarius ♐

Walking on a sunshine path may be in store for those born under the sign of Sagitarrius. A revived relationship brings optimistic faith that things will change for the better - and according to this moon cycle, it will. Stay away from gossip and focus on breathing in purity to grow spiritually will become a number one asset in the following weeks.

Avoid fatty foods that are putting on weight, and speak to a professional nutritional expert to create a new way of eating. Removing toxins from the body and old love cycles has been challenging, but replacing them will be much more fun. Laugh - grow - and enjoy what's on the way.

Capricorn ♑

A long cycle is about to change for those Capricorns working on new ideas, projects, and careers. A breakthrough will arrive with the new moon to enlighten and light up the right direction, leading to a positive outcome and removing any old fragments of clutter that have been boggling the mind, clearing a space for rebirth and rejuvenation.

A romantic encounter will impede the hearts of many, giving a restored feeling that love abounds. Something incredible is about to emerge, whether with a new partner or a long-time companion. This time, it will be a win-win situation for both sides.

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Aquarius ♒

Taking a break will lead to the discovery of how to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome. Step out into the early morning air and let the rejuvenation begin as your Aquarian heart opens to reveal the answers needed. New relationships are on the horizon and will bring total confidence that they will not be harmful but enhancements to lift the soul and pocketbooks. A new offer arrives through this moon cycle that will bring a glow of security, both internally and externally. The saying life is fabulous may become the new mantra as a blanket lifts off the weight of burdens.

Avoid anyone that wants to overindulge by taking up too much time sharing things that are not of interest. It’s your time to begin a new journey filled with exciting people, new destinations, and a healthy mindset.

Pisces ♓

Say congratulations to yourself as something outstanding presents itself, bearing positive results. Laugh, grow, and nurture your way into a new career path, increasing security and stability. Using the moon cycle will be a victory for all Pisceans! Caution will warn when someone tries to play tricks that could be challenging to see, so the planets are saying to focus on your life dreams and goals and avoid toxicity anywhere for the next couple of weeks.

Walking through a local park and connecting to the animals, mainly red and blue birds, will warm the hearts and may lead to a new romantic encounter. One that will enhance the mind, body, and spirit - a soul connection that may last for years. Enjoy a break to celebrate your Birthday.


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