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Balancing Energy Shifts

Have you ever woken up in a bit of funk and not sure why? Perhaps you chalk it up to a bad dream or anxiety from decisions and life changes. Groggily walking into the kitchen to get your coffee going to help you get started.

You drink a cup or more on this day because you can't seem to snap out of the mental fog. Hours pass, and even after you showed and are ready to go, your body may still be sluggish and your mind unclear.

There are many reasons we can stay in that kind of funk. It can range from poor health or sleeping problems to extreme issues in our material world. It can also come from the "invisible" universal energy. When we experience a shift in our energetic vibrations, internally or externally, we can feel a sense of distortion. If we are going through a spiritual ascension, we can be in a time where the separation of our conscious and subconscious minds is separate, creating a dull and blah mood.

No matter how we feel or what we are dealing with in life, our energy vibrations. When this happens in or around us, it can throw us out of balance. Our "grounding" is out of sync with the earth and air, which creates a shaky feeling. Some of us have no senses, just "blank." Some can feel unfocused, stuck, unmotivated, unchallenged, bored, and lacking clarity, love, or attention. When we are ungrounded, we can make poor choices and decisions, especially in what we are thinking throughout the day.

There are many options we can use to become grounded and balanced. Some of us pray, use amulets, listen to music, shower, and meditate. Another option that can help clear up the confusion and give us a little vitality is watching the sunrise.

As the moon brightens the darkened sky, beams of light cast onto the stars. The stars begin to shimmer and glisten, which creates a mesmerizing effect. An unexplainable feeling of calm and peacefulness for some, while others have the complete opposite reaction to those dazzling dancers. They choose to reach for the energizing, balancing for the day.

Living in the deep, heated desert, I had to find ways to feel connected to an area that I didn't like. I used to walk each morning at sunrise, and through my routine, I would focus on the sun rising over the mountain top. Sleeping Indian mountain was situated directly where the sun rose. The dry dirt mound's peaks and curves would begin to glisten like the stars as the sun's rays hit each grain of sand. It was breathtakingly beautiful and one of the most refreshing methods that I have found to help me get grounded and balanced each morning.

This may be a fantastic alternative to meditation, especially for those that have difficulty with focus. You can research your local area for the actual time of the sunrise and set your alarm to wake up on time. I would recommend a little extra time if you have something to be done before the journey begins at rising. You can time it where your coffee is brewing while engaging in universal energy exchange or bringing a cup with you. Wrap a blanket around you, or pull up a comfy chair next to the window for the premiere of your new day.

Angle the chair so it's positioned to see the sun directly in front of your physical body. If you are indoors, open the window nearest the chair. Intake a deep breath and focus on the scent. The morning dew that fills the air while it is still dark has a light and airy fragrance that can give us a split second of the uplifted inner feeling of new and serenity. Focus on the sky in the lower portion of your vision. That is where the sun will begin to show itself.

There will be a hue of difference in the colors as the rays softly begin to emerge in an upward movement toward the stars. The colors are brighter at the base. A muted ting over the top immediately follows them. Look closer through the cloudiness, and there will be a recognizable moment where the human eye can see the colors expand, most likely in the peripheral vision area. In a subtle manner, similar to a plant pushing through the soil, the rays will begin to extend, going upward toward the sky.

Growth Spurts

With each growth, spurt comes an increase in colors' depth, more vibrating than the first round. Continue focusing on the rays, and in the backdrop, you will notice the sky has become lighter. The universal ending of one, the dawning of the new beginning, is in motion.

When we focus on these areas described, it can put us into a transcendental state or a state of meditation. The more focus on the creative images as they change, combined with the beautiful scents surrounding us, will give an instant "lift" to our energy vibration.

Continue to watch the unveiling of the day that you are creating. Not only does the colors and energy change, but the scents will change again as well.

Each detail will match the weather and universal energies in your local area.

The growth in us, the inspiration that happens, can vary from person to person. Being alone in the quiet night air, it is silent. The silence is where we can focus. We can become so enamored with the energy shifting; it will lead us to a moment of enlightenment filled with answers. Perhaps a solution to a problem, starting something new, and even a memory of where we lost our keys.

As the gentle glowing rays grow, so does the vibrancy and generating of warmth. Pick your head up, and with your eyes closed, allow yourself to feel the heat on your face. Allow yourself to let it soak in and feel it heating up on your neck.

Take a deep breath in. At different moments, allow your mind to expand with thoughts to become joyful and optimistic. Allow your physical body to become drenched with new vigor and energy to make it through the day. Allow your soul to become renewed with the feeling of inspiration to make a difference in your life and others.

Allow the inner knowing to wake to the concept that everything is and will be, as it is meant to be. Wellness of the mind, body, and soul are the three keys to leading a healthy life.

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