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Getting Back To The Basics

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Returning to the basics of creating the life we want is easy to forget when dealing with drama and life changes. Losing our focus and often balance can wreak havoc on our everyday lives unless we maintain our mind, body, and soul.

Whether spiritually or in everyday life, we can lose focus on what we want. Disconnections from family and friends have tested us to the point we forget about the basics of routine maintenance for the planning, preparing, and the playing out process. Even if we are still trying to figure out what makes us happy, the tugging of love in our hearts still desires to fill a missing gap.

The time is changing, speeding up, and appearing like we’ve lost more opportunities. Combining it with the intensifying act of juggling is a highlight of today’s age. Dealing with career changes, finding a job, and making more income to meet our debt can put us in a narrowed holding pattern that energetically prevents us from getting what we’ve been wanting.

The challenges and struggles bring a constant thinking pattern, accompanied by worrying and doubt. Thoughts of “I wonder if I will get the job or if this is the year the love of my life will show up” may keep us from sleeping. Increased stress and the feeling of lack create a barrier to the unseen elements that bring in prosperity and abundance.

At this point, we may ask to fill the gaps, wondering if there will be something coming in for us and when. Constantly looking for signs that the day is here is equally a stress-induced challenge we are facing, yet intuitively we know some things got to give and soon.

If you’ve been asking for something to show up that will help inspire you, then the answer may be right here.

Getting back to the basics of self-love and wellness may be trying on our souls while we sit and wonder if some things are on the way. The centering and grounding elements surround us and are also the best form to return to a place where we make things happen with the help of universal energy.

If you think there is nothing affordable, think again. There are healing properties in the foods we eat, our surroundings, and an array of small packages. Usually, the most obvious are the ones we forget to make things turn into a positive flow. The colors we see and the sounds we listen to will bring in or push away what we desire.

Mother nature surrounds us with everything right here on earth. The natural setting is fantastic to sit and regain a powerful force that helps us create all we want. Meditation is terrific if the overthinking doesn’t block the connection. Exercise is free and a great way to make a fabulous statement that we feel good again. But what if these aren’t working for us when we get to the office?

A yard filled with flowers, plants, and trees is a perfect harmonizing solution to remove some dilemmas and struggles we face. Focusing on the nurturing side of giving back to mother nature by planting and watering those blades and buds is a great way to create a haven where we can get centered in our over-emotional and logical minds. It can also be an expense that is a little too high when we look at the pallets of grains and plants that need to go in the ground compared to our budget.

We must give to keep the ebb and flow process moving to get. Putting cheerful touches on anything, we can trickle on the rewards we’ve been waiting to receive. If nurturing seems to be an option that isn’t available, we have some affordable ways to feel inspired and a constant reminder that we can make things move in the direction we want them to go.

Planting in the yard holds much value to receive prosperity. The nurturing process turns our wheel of fortune into a win-win experience. Basics don’t mean running out and spending thousands of dollars, but doing it within our means. Taking care of our home and office areas is at the top of our list.

Fresh small potted plants bring the same energetic vibrations as filing our yard with flowers. Look for the natural beauties that enhance the surroundings and the soul. If the fresh ones aren’t suitable for your desk, find the foliage of a lovely miniature artificial version. It will constantly remind you to stay on course for everything you are working toward without breaking the budget.

Plants and Scents

Feed your mind with information that will serve well while finding the perfect potted reminder you are doing a great job of making life changes. Research the spiritual and other meanings attached to the plant you consider adding to the surroundings.

Healing, Cleansing, Energizing

  • Lemon Lime plant

  • Aloe vera

  • Eucalyptus


  • Peace lilies

  • Peonies


  • Jade

  • Chinese money plant

  • Bonsai tree

Bonsai tree for under $30 with *Bonsai Boy of New York

Basic In-house Grounding Scents

Try out a basic with making your room scented with positive energy with in-house instant grounding scents. Creating a mixture that will make us stop and smell the air at home - leaves us in an upbeat mood and speeds up the process leading toward victory.

Find an old pot not used for cooking; clean it and fill it halfway with water. Try out these scents as a beginning point. They can be purchased in most local grocery and wellness stores.

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Dried Sage

  • Dried Lavender or rose

  • Orange peel

  • Lemon grass

If the old pot method no longer suits your lifestyle, invest in an affordable and reusable dispenser like this one from *Guru Nada, LLC.

What we like best is they offer beautiful, sleek, and modern designs that will blend in with the environment while sending out the hints of positive vibes all day long.

*We may receive a small percentage by using our affiliate partner links. We believe these products are suitable for our clients and, with some, may include a discount through these links.

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