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Change Is Coming

It may feel as though some of us have internal struggles, perhaps not knowing why. Our tummies are all twisted up in a knot as our bodies automatically bend at the waist, pulling us to the ground. Maybe a repeated process of our inner awakening or a new one. It will be intense for many—a moment to gain internal wisdom and knowledge on how to lift ourselves. Fast or slow, we all have the inner strength to stand up and make the changes for ourselves, no matter the size.

Ascension is when we gain clarity to make the right choice for our lives. When we choose between our early life teachings and old beliefs, that may or may not be outdated. The decision must feel connected to us inside.

With change comes fear. It can come to us or through us in a whisper of a moment, quickly subsiding as we exhale. Sometimes, that surge of panic in our chest as we hear our heart pounding. When we hear our heart beating, it can create a heaviness that makes us feel stuck or paralyzed.

It is the time of our historical timeline to make those changes. If we stand still too long, the universe and the world will move us with ease. It feels like the invisible cord of our soulmates and twin flames taking us backward or forward. The people that make us look at life differently if we choose.

It may seem impossible to make significant life changes, such as relocations, careers, and even love instantly, but it’s not. We’ve heard of those that received love and job offers where they packed up and gone in a matter of days. If we’ve lived life, then there is always a moment we realize anything is possible if we want it enough.

To continue the same path or choose a new one is something that only each individual can make. It can be not very easy when we have those we care about that interfere with our decision process. Often we may choose the second first rather than the first choice in the lead. The mind, body, and soul are vital for this time in our evolutionary cycle. Opportunities to balance, focus, and re-energize will blow in and out soon. Some of us will see a glimpse of something we may have seen in the past as our future.

Feed the mind so with correct information. Work on healing all areas, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Grow the soul so we can believe in ourselves with value.

Enjoy our Energy Shorts for the collective to assist with balance, focus, and having the energy to keep going. Follow your intuition, whether it’s another energy healing practitioner or our blogs and sessions. We already know the answers inside of our core. Now is the time to trust in what we know.

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