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Climbing In A Storm

Let's face it, balancing our lives over the past year has been filled with changes that have kept us on our toes—dancing like a ballerina until our legs weakened and bodies needed to take a break.

Yes, some have had an upward climb that seemed to guide us to every piece of our destiny; for others, this has not been the case—reading and watching everything possible to help us in our journey of re-writing or fulfilling our soul's path.

Creating, manifesting, and making things happen from seemingly out of nowhere has been society's focus. Finding the one thing we are passionate about and learning all the details to create perfection.

Searching for hidden talents and skills that we forgot we had when we were a child and diligently working toward turning them into a lucrative business or hobby has been highlighted since 2020.

These changes can be a tremendous amount of excitement! There will also be a copartner, compliments of the universe, the gift of fear and apprehension. No matter our side, adversities for all enhancement levels have been in the lurk for months.


Each person has their version of what success means. Whether it'd be a happy relationship, marriage, or a spotlight career, climbing the mountain toward success has been the focus. Achieving our goals in life is easy when the rollercoaster is in full forward throttle and won't stop for anyone, but what happens when a wrench gets thrown in the gears.

When the desert, filled with dry heated sand, is hit with rain, it can become a slippery slope to walk. As we continue to use all of our energy and resources to climb, we can feel like a backward pull with the new mudslides every two or three steps we take.

We, as humans, are continuously challenged to push ourselves to a new brink of self-healing, self-discovery, and achievements. With hyperactive offers and ideas popping all around us, we can get lost in the shuffle of what is coming—so immersed in what is in flying in, distracting us from the given options right in front of us. The opportunities that can move us forward in life storms, yet we often reject them.

Fatigue and being overwhelmed can set in with the old, twisted, and new concepts of reality. The drama wall makes it difficult to stay afloat, and it isn't easy. Keeping our minds focused and avoiding negativity from others may be one of the biggest obstacles we face while growing our lives.

When there is a tremendous amount of chaos and confusion, we can forget the items that need to be completed, even if we have them on our to-do list. Equally, we can subconsciously push things to the bottom of the list out of the fear of not knowing, lack of materials, lack of focus, and even lack of income.

There is constantly testing that follows the struggles. How much do we want to learn or gain from experience? Like an enticing gem dangling in front of us, we can choose to sit back and wait or to jump and grab it.

No matter what, rising into success in any area of life is filled with getting hit with negativity.

While creating my business, mistakes were made, but many new automated and business changes took place. While searching, we can find that people chosen to work for us were not what they professed to be. A sudden discovery that organizations and individuals we trust can backfire in front of us, with some jealousy and backstabbing that fly in with the bees and flees.

It takes more than just perseverance to succeed. Hours spent researching the how-tos with rebuilding websites, reorganizing, restructuring, and learning. Obtain everything needed to find alternatives and reduce the time spent searching for excellent employees and affiliates business to help.

Many quality companies are helping us in our personal lives and business. Finding and utilizing their services can make the difference between being overworked and having an excellent work-life balance.

Finding a personal shopper or a payroll company that we can trust may be faster than the success ladder we are trying to climb. Having them spend the time researching and familiarizing themselves with regulations can save us precious time doing what we do best. It can take months and years to find loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, and all the applicable requirements to gain access to these types of blessings in our lives.

Whatever our version of success, it's time to find the resources and people that we will consider a valuable assets in our work life. Our partners will be filled with gratitude for having the romance department turned back on. The single folks can feel a heavy burden lifted and dance the night away with the tempo that suits them perfectly.

After hours of time and money investments, some companies and organizations have been a blessing to this writer. Each brief description is a link to check them out and see if they can fit into your world to make life just a little sweeter.

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