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How To Get Unstuck In Life

Many of us feel stagnant, stuck, and even sliding backward without understanding how this happens. We work hard for someone else to bring a paycheck home, take care of the family, and often are too tired to make time for ourselves.

The energy we give to others drains us. We may get a heightened moment similar to eating a sugary treat, only to follow up with not having the power to apply toward our goals. Goals can be looking for a new job, an artistic or creative project, a new side business, or anything that will help us regain enthusiasm for our lives.

Energy can quickly turn to the vitality that sends those unseen vibrations to the outside world, silently screaming “we are happy, healthy, and ready” to others. Lack of any kind also transits to others exactly what we are thinking, feeling, and believing in life and ourselves, but negatively.

It can be challenging after we clean up at the end of a day filled with catering to others’ needs; however, we must take action toward one of our goals.

The gestures don’t have to be spending hours in front of the computer writing those new lines for our creative passion or miles of driving to smell the ocean breeze. Something as simple as a kind gesture to acknowledge someone’s post on social media.

It is a slight caring gesture that doesn’t require us time to hunt for something, and it can come from the soul community we already have become engaged with others. Giving a smiley hug emoji to a person who shares a moment of their life provides more inspiration in a humanitarian way than we can imagine. A simple thumbs up to help your favorite creators and life shares hold can be more valuable than giving lots of money to an organization that sends us thanks for your contribution card.

Letting someone know we hear them doesn’t even mean we have to be a lending ear for them to vent in the future. It can help others restore their confidence and feel like their words are now hitting the ears of others. Where they no longer seem invisible. It is a selfless act that can save the life of a wandering soul in our tribes and bring a new blessing to us at the same time.

We can make a difference in the world with the slightest action by going beyond to show our kindness to others. Never forget who gave to you in your time of need. Always stay awakened to others without committing overindulgence in toxic patterns and behaviors. Give others a moment of your time. Commit to a thumbs up, heart, and acknowledge someone new every day and watch the positive effects it brings back to us.

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