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Eclipse And New Moon Energy

For All Zodiac Signs - A psychic-astro forecast

Ready Or Not, Change Is Coming

October 25 at 4:58 am EDT, the moon will move in front of the sun for approximately five hours and comes with a push of energy shifts. The planets will be asking are we ready for a change?

If you’ve been feeling bored and stagnant, the eclipse will start a change process as it leads into the New Moon in Scorpio on November 8, 2022. Scorpio holds powerful key energy to create movements toward transformation.

If any zodiac sign were looking for the right time to make a new turn of events happen, the planets would be helping to give guidance along the way.

Change can make some uneasy or unwilling without knowing what is to come. A lingering question will receive an answer with universal energy shifts. If we don’t take action, the warning signs will lead us to a change. For stubborn-minded, hang tight because the change will be something to talk about soon.

Warning Signs

If a core tugging of intuition has tapped into the inner psychic, then now is the time to follow it. The eclipse is known to bring bad luck, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Change is a little troublesome because we must take action and instill some inner and out power to make things fall into place. The warnings behind the eclipse give us a little time to take a chance on ourselves.

It is a beautiful time for those needing a mental, physical, emotional, or financial tune-up. The proof of our thinking will land us with precisely what we thought. Be wary of negative thinking and low-energy vibrations. Fight off those feelings of doom and gloom to produce a positive outcome.

Transforming or changing our life will favor those working on projects such as creative and artistic ventures, writing and publishing, documentation, and expanding the conscious and unconscious mindset.

Deep cleaning is a must through this process. Now is the time to cleanse the mind and erase those lingering questions with no answer. The “whys” keep us sitting until the universe pushes us back into reality.

Clearing out chakras and the inner core will allow the expansion needed to complete projects with a higher chance of success. Being oneness is a focus point for all zodiacs to remember.


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New Moon Energy

New moons give us backup help from the cosmos and can become our favorite ally for the duration. The moon phase will incentivize us to execute the feelings and wonder we have been hanging out, waiting for something more.

Scorpio has a reputation for being the bad boy/girl that hoovers and waits to give a sting, and that’s not an unfavorable interpretation—remembering that with the changes, there is the option to take action and run out of the way to avoid getting the painfully stung.

Along with action orientation arrives the removal of what is not needed. Anything that is nonproducing with no value is now on the chopping block.

Equally, there will be a time for celebration to let new take its place. The powers of this moon phase in the year 2022 are phenomenal for getting back on a course or in a new direction, painful or not. The celebration will follow the changes taking place throughout this transit.

Highlights from the eclipse and new moon

High points are coming in as we let go of the old. Relationships are at the forefront as the energy travels from one to the other. Invigorated energy, reviewing addictive patterns that affect the inner self, love, joy, delight in starting fresh, and creating new directions and relationships of all kinds are on the way.

Me time will be joining in the mix. Pampering and nurturing ourselves will be undeniable, not from ego, but from the inner alignment matching the planets shifting into one.

All the feel-good vibes coming to each zodiac sign allow expanding relationships. Getting on board with a new company or project and taking something to a higher place will make many feel alive again.

All the excitement will entice our hearts to open and let abundance shine through our entire body, down to the core. It will give us the feeling that anything is possible, even a new romance.

Family reunions and date nights will come into play for those open to receive. Peaceful bliss is on the way just in the Nik of time. Stagnant energy and boredom will soon grow with inspiring creativity and passionate new explorations of art, beauty, inventions, and love.

Balancing our work and private lives will become heavy in mind and create changes that will help remove the restricted feeling that has been happening for a while. Focusing on family, friends, and pets will bring socializing to a happy moment. Reuniting with others who are too preoccupied and out of balance will bring joy front and center.


A Key Point For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries - Sensuality, and confidence will bring in a hot, fiery, passionate person or project. Whatever this is will be obvious to trigger some naughty and nice, a way to overdo energy.

Taurus - Giving to self without overindulging will be a reward well overdue. Allow time to get your nails done, go for a round of golf, or whatever keeps our bulls running with the flow.

Gemini: Reuniting with someone will clear confusion and allow Gemini to balance their finances and personal lives with something to dance and celebrate. It’s Busta move or Choplin time.

Cancer: Anger from a loss affecting the heart will leave, and the gap will be full again soon after. Cry, cleanse, and open your arms to allow abundance to materialize quickly.


Leo - Waiting is not a favorable trait for Leo, so get ready to feel alive. Changes to family and residence are en route. Relocating, traveling, and passionate new beginnings are here.

Virgo - Me time will suit Virgo well and help revive your internal motors. Changes will occur around synchronizing with those loved ones that mean the most: Health and harmony.

Libra: Love is finally coming in for Libra. Time with family, friends and romantic escapades are on the way, and they all will wonder how you look so good. Communication returns.

Scorpio - Changes to Scorpios are hitting a high point and releasing the authenticity inside. Shed the skins of the old and walk into the path others fear. Rebirth, rejuvenate, and relax.

Sagittarius - Feeling defeated, will leave soon as the clearing out lets a new reality come. Open hearts and lifted heads will show the beauty within. Embrace the moment, laughter, and focus.

Capricorn: Traditions will fade away that were keeping Capricorns stuck. New opportunities will arrive at the right moment. Practice faith while walking into new earthly realms of possibilities.

Aquarius - Get ready to go front and center and stand out in public. Drained energy will recharge as this phase hits hard to put you in the spotlight. Taking a chance will be wise.


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Pisces: Wishes come through while energy rejuvenation and self-reflection light up with a job or romantic partner. The challenges will be left to let the new hitting high notes of joy.

There are four zodiac Signs hit hardest through the moon phase. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are in for some surprises as the energy shifts. Join us on October 24 for what's coming for these destined signs.

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