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Empowerment Through The Age Of Aquarius

Planets shifts and changes

Everything is changing. The interconnection of planets, stars, and the universe continually evolve. Slowly or rapidly, changes occur, leading to centuries of superior planning. The cosmos start their planetary missions and continue going in a full circle to completion while tugging at the "psychic third eye."

The solar system has been a teacher as far back as we humans can find. Through books, scriptures, and wall carvings, we can see the guidance was there for the taking. The system helped us to survive on earth. With sun and moon-lit paths, we learned to interpret them to go with the grains of the mysterious skies and their role here on earth. It wasn't supernatural but an organic discovery of knowing when to plant crops, create healthy sleeping patterns, and give directions for us to grow as humans.

As the planets move, so does every living being. The unseen energy transmitted can affect our consciousness and unconsciousness. Vibrations that carry from the vast skies down here on earth bring energy shifts, negativity, and positivity felt internal.

On July 11, 2022, another shift will take place. One that has been waiting to come back front and center is Pluto's return. It began on 2/22/22 and now is bringing in phase two. Approximately 250 years of movement in one direction is returning to a natural position. Every human will feel this shift as it signifies endings and transformations—the soul's moment to move out of past life experiences and begin a new cycle.

The Age of Aquarius combines all of the regular planets in our solar system with ones that have been retro and direct in different placements for decades and centuries, some even longer.

The sleeping will wake up as these planets have shifted. Each time they cause humans and nature to feel out-of-sorts with drained energy and exhaustion. Often they bring us nausea and flew or cold-like symptoms. The fatigue will give us all a chance to perform rounds of cleansing to feel alive again.

What makes it seem so different this time?

The dense sky and air have reduced the ability to see and tap into the heightened senses given to all living beings. As it moves, it expells the thickness of unidentifiable weighted lingerings that cause us to become complacent. Through the end of the heaviness, we gain a lighter and clearer perception in all areas. Awareness, creativity, and expansion return to the mind, body, and soul.

Although we go through multiple shifts, twists, and turns, this one stands out from the rest. It allows everyone to clean the slate and begin a new spiritual rotation. Lessons learned will escalate into a higher power within and start from scratch with an inner knowledge of what to do and not do this go around.

What Does Empowerment mean through the Age of Aquarius?

Everything begins and ends with love, not from our parents or earthly people but from our attachments to the universe. The shake-up becomes the wake-up of seeing our existence's clear, plain truth. There is no one better than another. The variations bring fireworks to spark new ideas and growth potential.

Since 2020 the awakening process has grown tenfold compared to prior years. The inner alignment to re-organize our thinking and our emotions and understand the spiritual connections we have with others heightened. With it came the unseen senses that can give us guidance and direction exploded. The process is simple but rarely easy. There are several stages that each living soul must go through to complete its evolutionary cycle. All of the abnormal planet placements, red moons, and bridging lineups are among many to tell the tale of where we are in the shift, and this one is big.

We will go through the following:

  • A triggering of unresolved issues and beliefs.

  • Awakening to something not sitting well in our inner mind, body, and spirit.

  • Analysis of our life dreams of past lives, and ourselves searching for answers.

  • Truth/Transparency peeks in the ring of the alarm that links each experience together.

  • Going beyond the limiting parameters taught through life.

  • Opening to new concepts and seeing the truth about old contorted ideas.

Universal synchros push us within the same energetic flow of the planets, stars, moon, and skies. Ultimately we go through this process over and over until we find ourselves in "Superior Growth." Through repeated cycles of being hurt - mentally, spiritually, verbally, emotionally, physically, and every other piece of our inner components we now gain understanding.

What happened with your zodiac sign during the last Full Moon in June 2022 - All Zodiac Signs.

Awareness comes from the unconscious to the conscious. We begin to see things taught that were terrible and realize they weren't necessarily correct. There are some areas that many now see differently in a transformed state.

  • Hypocritical thinking and actions can hurt human society more than anything else.

  • The partner cheats, justifying that it's okay for them but not the other person.

  • The best friend that talks to your friends and family negatively about you.

  • The family members that declare one person is to blame for everything negative in their life and other relatives need to join them in the bashing.

  • Judgment, disloyalty, domination, and greed come from those we love and ourselves.

  • Employers trick the worker into thinking if they do "this, that, and more this," they will have earned points for advancement - often wait years or are eliminated from the company.

It comes from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, religion, beliefs, or geographical location.

Everyone has encountered the hypocritical arena.

  • Shut down hearts - living without love, including our career, relationships, and ourselves.

  • Shut down minds - no empathy.

  • Shut down souls - fake smiles and stories.

Then along comes one person or experience that seems so small but turns out to be the most life-shattering situation a person can face. An encounter that triggers us to hurt in all areas that we choose to shut down and secretly hide in our unconsciousness.

Accountability is recognized and must be accepted to move forward.

We choose the people, places, and things around us. If we follow someone's lead, we decide to do it; therefore, we are responsible for our lives. Even when we marry narcissistic partners or have greedy children - we are a part of the initiation and results.

The meaning of empowerment comes to the forefront for the betterment of us and others around us. The Oxford dictionary best describes it as becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

As humans, we must master all stages of the awakening, and it's not easy, yet very possible. That is when we begin to see our loved ones, society, and ourselves and our actions in a very different way.

When we open all the closed doors, chakras, and everything we shut down, we can see beyond the deception that was blocking us from what we created to have. Obtaining life's accolades only happens when we master the good, bad, and what lies in the details.

Pluto's return, combined with the full moon arriving two days later on July 13, 2022, will brighten the darkness. All secrets and deception will start to show, including the narcissistic traits toward others and ourselves. Stepping outside as the moon hits its peak may offer the right path for us to take in making big decisions—the kind of choices that will last for a very long time.

Realizing the twin flame experience will become evident to those ready to move out of the old and into the new. With the awareness comes incredible balance to begin using our logic and heart to carry out our soul's mission. Through that comes the enormous love of all.

Self love - Self mastery - Self confidence = Empowerment

If anyone is wondering how to establish where they are in their personal soul's journey, here are a few things to ask to find the objective and create balance:

Who Am I?

What do you like and dislike?

What's your favorite food, beverage, and artwork?

Can I feel the vibrating energy from the ground?

Am I in a job I love?

Am I surrounded by people and things that make me happy and healthy?

Is there anger or judgment inside of me?

Where do I want to be?

Am I giving to others in a healthy balance?

Am I helping humanity to complete the cycle of love?

Now is the time to become harmonic with the heavenly skies above. The cosmos are helping those who help themselves produce an upward movement in human existence. As we strip down to our authentic selves, the rewards will begin to show up at the right moment to bring abundance and prosperity.

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