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Full Moon June 2022 All Zodiac Signs

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Messages For All Zodiac Signs

June 14-15, 2022

On June 14, the moon cycle is changing, and this one is a big one. The full moon cycle begins on June 14 and brings a powerful punch to kick out anything or anyone that doesn't resonate with our solar plexus.

As the moonbeams light up what is hiding beneath, it brings a newly claimed feeling of empowerment.

When the energy starts moving, we feel unexplainable emotions and back-and-forth energy. The internal body of each person will receive hints like butterflies swirling in our belly. An indicator that our feelings need attention. June's full moon cycle is a crucial time to expel bad habits.

Mercury went direct on June 3, which gave us time to review and address areas of concern, along with memories that were draining the human energy vibrations. This full moon is a massive opportunity to complete and close a door, leaving an opening for something brand new to enter. Consider making the necessary home and auto repairs that were problematic over the past months.

Through the remaining time in June, a tug and pull of inner knowing something must change will continue. Will and determination can get us what we desire if the finalization occurs. Clear out the garage, cupboards, and habits that cause the mind, body, and spirit to be split - going one way or the other. Photos that cause reminders of loved ones that brought grief can now be placed neatly in a box, stored in a hidden place, or permanently removed.

Two weeks of preparing and planning for a new phase will flow with the new moon that follows the end of June. Write out a check-off list and focus attention on what is rather than what was will pay off big as the cycles change.

Each zodiac sign will feel the effects of this cycle with a sense of positivity. It's the perfect time to return to the dating scene, so clear out the wardrobe duds and find the new style that works harmoniously with the new beginning. All types of relationships will begin to stand out in our thinking. Irritable, quirky, and happy will be highlighted for each zodiac sign until a few days before the next moon cycle.

Check out the Key Dates for all zodiac signs that coordinate with the planetary changes in June.

Let's look at focus areas for each zodiac sign that will be assisted with reinforcement through the moon phase:

Aries: Taking a new course or class will help light new excitement for rams. The stuck and stubborn can feel a shift of positive vibes with fun in the sun. Mind Expansion is critical to gaining the moon cycle's full benefits. Opening the thinking with an energy-clearing session will prove valuable for scholarly communication.

Taurus: Listening is essential to unlocking doors to different positive paths. Align internally to hear from within what step needs to be taken, particularly regarding career and finance. Interviews will go smoother while listening to the organization's objective, allowing the perfect response. Follow your gut regarding heart matters, and the bull will see a universal positive outcome.

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Gemini: If the cosmos has left Gemini in a quandary about a current situation, where Misunderstandings took place, now is the time to change it into a positive outcome. A Cord-cutting ceremony would be of great value to release ties with old patterns and people, creating a jolt of surprise. Make a checklist to stay grounded through the path revealed in light of the full moon. Love may be on the back burner for the next couple of weeks while releasing ties to jobs and people.

Cancer: A huge surprise is in store for the sign of Cancer. Feeling the Shift of the full moon will show signs of discontent and disconnected vibes. The energy will bring a deep desire to try new things without worrying about what could happen. An intuitive energy reading can be valuable in sharing the secrets that will show through the moon cycles. Clarity on expectations and details is crucial to starting a new job or romantic relationship.

Leo: The brilliant light beams from the cosmos will bring awareness of something hidden. A wake-up call is a primary focus for Leo that will give insight into a dilemma preventing a positive change. The Discovery of a hidden talent will provide a spark of excitement that can open the door to a career change. Romance will be roaring when taking a chance is involved.

Virgo: The lingering positive effects of mercury going direct may still be keeping Virgo's energy radiating. Family issues may become a concern for those dealing with tricky situations. A hidden truth shows that will release the inner child and have you singing in no time. Saying "sorry" will be needed, and Cutting the Cords of cosmic ties will bring a feeling of freedom. Career opportunities will show promising toward the new phase at month's end.

Libra: The full moon's glow will reveal some foul play that may have been leading trusting Libra down a wrong path. Scales will balance by discovering hidden intentions that will return to balance at the month's end. Travel will be highlighted particularly to visit a family or friend that has been out of the spotlight. Positive encounters will become apparent as the month continues. New beginnings are in the making as the list of disconnections slims down. Latest jobs and promotions are showing up to complete the entire moon cycle.

Scorpio: Something becomes apparent through the full moon leading to solving a puzzle that left Scorpio in a quandary. Plenty of choices will emerge with newfound clarity giving a new outlook on the career front. A completion to align with releasing toxic experiences will prove well worth the recent troubles. Joining a new spiritual organization or women's empowerment group will lead to new loyal friendships and possible romantic experiences.

Sagittarius: Mercury's return in a forward direction is helping Sagittarius to complete a long-overdue cycle. Confusion will lift for those working on releasing the unseen elements that created havoc. An intuitive energy session will prove a valuable tool for making the right choice. Romance on the back burner will come to life toward the later part of the month. Career opportunities will show up right as the energy shifts into a positive outcome.

Capricorn: A missing piece shows up at the right time and place, creating an opening for the sign of Capricorn. Fitting in new homes and surroundings will bring back self-confidence and faith in all born under this sign. A promotion or recent career change is preparing to reveal itself through the moon phase. Get ready for some heavenly rewards as the month continues. Family members seem to hold more value through the planet shifts until the summer months return.

Aquarius: The full moon cycle will require Aquarius to make a big decision. Life-altering changes that will prove to be one of the most critical phases of internal completion will take place. A psychic reading may be a valuable tool to gain clarity through the month's end. A friend or family member will show up giving an apology for a negative experience. Joining a new organization or empowerment group will be of benefit. Get organized and ready for a spontaneous cosmic reward this is coming!

Pisces: The brilliance of illumination will light a path for Pisces. Those that have been restless and wondering when things will change will see the answers soon. New romantic situations put on the backburner will return by month's end. The planets are aligning for overdue fun and laughter. Smile confidently in an upcoming job interview that can create a positive cash flow. Fantastic cosmic payouts will be entering the month.

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