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Zodiac Key Dates When Mercury Re-direct June 2022

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Mercury Retrograde

May 10- June 3, 2022

for each zodiac sign.

On May 10, Mercury went into the retrograde phase. A backward movement of planetary alignment that often plays havoc in our everyday lives. You may have felt the underlying rumbling effects a week before the start date, as the slow-moving change began to creep in, causing our electronics to malfunction and our brains to scramble.

A cycle of energy that shifts us into a reflection period gives us a chance to back up our technologies, fix the plumbing, and get the repairs taken care of on our vehicles. Included in the review are our memories and mental agility. Included in those foggy, dazed moments where our brain seemed to be skewed, we can count on poor communication happening.

Contracts become contorted, and our verbal communication skills slide into a non-effective mode. We can also experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, and self-doubt while the planets force us into a backward motion.

If you've felt the mental imbalance and emotional challenges from the universe clearing cycle, not to worry - it's getting ready to go direct on June 3, 2022. Get prepared to slowly return to a normal flowing process that will begin on the third and may take another seven days to complete.

As we return to our regular routines, each zodiac sign will have critical dates to look forward to following the return cycle. Let's look at each zodiac sign to see where the positive changes will be of the most benefit.

Aries: - June 8 is a highlighted day for those born in the sign of Aries. Full senses will be rip-roaring and ready to tackle the most significant responsibilities. June 21 will be an excellent day to complete an overdue project and present it to others.

Taurus: - three critical dates for the bull follow the energy shifting. The first is the 5th, where our Taureans will feel stable as they merge back into bonding with the material plane. June 17 and the 23rd emphasize a prime time to send out resumes, interviews, and secret love notes to a special someone.

Gemini: June 10 is one special day that these twins can feel united and begin to make balanced decisions that will pay off. Another date to watch for is the 28th, when an idea or dream starts into motion with the new cycle helping to push it into something prosperous.

Cancer: The natural cycle will begin almost immediately on June 4 for those born under the sign of Cancer. New endeavors will start as this zodiac sign will reign in a romance or job that will lead to a form of success. Travel is highlighted on June 18 to have fun in a sunny environment to help rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Leo: - Leo's will enjoy most of the month being in their natural element of fiery excitement as soon as June 5 arrives. The 23rd will prove to be a day for a new beginning, mainly if there is a delay in starting a new project or career change.

Virgo: - Positive vibes begin to flow on June 8 for those born under the sign of Virgo, where any cluttered mindset returns to regular organizational triumphs. A second highlighted date is June 28, when a cycle completes, especially if it involves a happy childhood memory, particularly love and relationships.

Libra: The Libra's scales center on June 7 is an excellent day to begin an exercise routine or create a new meal plan. Another key date for this zodiac sign is the 14th which may lead to following a dream or love-related travel.

Scorpio: The transformation leaders will feel the effects of going direct on June 4, where joy and excitement will return. Another key date for those under the sign of Scorpio will be the 14th, when a new project will begin, especially if lots of people surround it.

Sagittarius: The confusing and conflicting energy will be cleared out by June 8, opening the door to something new that originated before Mercury went into the retro period. Another exciting day to watch for is June 28, when a heavenly reward will appear, particularly around the word love.

Capricorn: Capricorns have two key dates beginning with June 9, when something lost is found. The other date to watch for is June 21, especially if it involves an interview for a job or a romantic interview that has a positive outcome.

Aquarius: Those born under the sign of Aquarius will have three critical dates as the planets go direct. The first will be almost immediately on June 3, restoring any confusion with grounded energy vibes. Another important date is June 14, when a new project or job offer will slide into the mix of a busy schedule. The 28th of the month will be a valuable fresh start given as a reward from the cosmos.

Pisces: The silhouetted fish will sync into the direct motion on June 4, bringing in an upbeat feeling to attract anything already in action before the retrograde period began. Another key date is June 23, when something will start to take root and show the heavenly rewards, particularly around love and relationships.


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