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2024: A Year of Spiritual and Financial Abundance

Updated: Jan 17

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It has been a trying time over the past few years for all zodiac signs in one way or another. Some effects can be divided families, friendships gone, work environments are different, and everything under the sun has, and still is, changing!

With all the stuff you’ve been through, positive or negative, could it be possible that the new year brings on more? Let's look at the year with a psychic forecast.

The answer is a big “Yes!” 

The numbers all add up to “8” - (2+0+2+4=8)  A spiritual number meaning money!

The Number 8

Symbols, including animals, innate objects, and numbers, have a spiritual meaning and are intended to guide us through life paths. The number “8” is known for many things; however, the primary area is abundance. According to Joanne Sacred Scribes, she stated, “Angel number 8 is a message from the angels that financial abundance is on the way.” She wrote the blog in 2011. Some of us have been going through these insightful changes for a long time. Perhaps you are one of those people. Maybe you're wondering when you'll get a break or see the spiritual light shine your way.

Remember to use your synchro’s and divine help. Bring out your favorite tarot deck and turn on your inner psychic - No matter where we are in our soul's journey, we can make changes, primarily when we work with the universal flow and timeframes. The new year is a prime number for gaining in multiple ways, particularly with finances. If we’ve been doing our work for inner alignment, then we are on track to complete the process. 

Thats right…. Over a decade of each of us going through changes. Why does it seem to take so long, or does it?

$50 30-minute session. New Year Sale ends 1/7/24

If you’re new to our community, we discuss the universe, divine energy, and vibrations. It is a constant flow of unseen, energetic movement that can lift us high or shoot us back into another cycle similar to what we have already been through. In addition, we go in cycles, so it's up to us to make the jump and have faith, courage, and wisdom to make wise choices through our process. No jump, no gain!

As we move into the new year of Abundance and Prosperity, we are still in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. It may sometimes feel melancholy, followed by surges of sparks and ideas you believe you must implement immediately. At the same time, I hear from my guides another transitory state is coming. Universal energy movement is coming, but less rocking back and forth. This time, one will burrow deep in our soul like an angelic feather that flows with the harmonic hidden beats of the universe. The feeling will be light and airy rather than heavy, giving you the power to succeed.

The only thing that can stop you in the new year is you! 

Are You Getting What You Want?


Over the next few weeks, it's time to reflect on life lessons and the values learned. Also, to ask ourselves this question. Are you getting what you want? It never means you must relive those old memories, but it does mean to find out what worked out in your favor and the wisdom of the experience. Soon, you’ll be the wise ol’ owl that people will come to grow with and learn their life path. That's when you must ask yourself an important question: Are you getting what you want? 

We all have a purpose for being here. Have you found your purpose yet? It can be through your work or an outside project. Some are meant to clean the environment, including public areas, and others may be to nurse a person back to a healthy mindset, better emotional outlook, or to see their value. No matter your soul's purpose, this will be the year to bring it out or grow it further.

Our community rarely talks about worldly things, yet we all still have to have the necessities required to live. We all need food, shelter, water, heat, clothing, and shoes. We must provide for ourselves and have learned to accomplish this independently. There may not be anyone else to help us out. Not anyone human, that is!

Year of Spiritual and Financial Abundance

2024 is the year of spiritual and financial abundance. Why?  Because we are in The Ascending Times. A crucial point is when our mind must match our heart and connect to our soul. When we align ourselves, the year of abundance will automatically bring you what you believe you want and need -  no doubts or fears are allowed. It’s time to become part of the collective consciousness by creating and using the following practices:

  • Work smart

  • Balance life

  • Use your inner psychic

  • Spiritual wisdom

With so many new jobs in our global workplaces and technical developments, we all can make positive changes to ensure the upcoming months will be a year of spectacular events and gains. Use your intuition and break through the blockages that have left you in the dumps. There is no room in the cosmic blanket for negative people, situations, and experiences.


Challenges are welcome, but again, it's all about our unique mindset in the matters we deal with in life. My guides say it's time to ramp up your intuition and use “Micro Vibes” by LA Gonzales to create a new you!

What are you doing differently this year to create abundance? Leave us a comment.

Join us in our upcoming events to help you make 2024 your year for financial abundance, love, improved relationships with family and friends, and meeting new ones to add to your private circle of soul families. 

January 2024 Psychic Tarot Reading

Watch your zodiac Sun, Moon, and Rising, and use the guided messages for a better month.


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