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I Wonder If. . . .

As we move into the world of the unknown and uncertainty, it can be stressful and fearful. Not knowing the future outcome creates a lack of control in our lives where we ask, “I wonder if.”

Yes, there can also be an edge of the alluring pizazz of new, but at what cost? If we haven’t recognized the errors made along our path, how can we build something new and expect it to be different?

When we feel angry if a specific name is said, or a wisp of someone’s scent crosses in front of our path; if the “growl” deep inside rumbles and vibrates in our body, breath, and minds.... we have not released the past issue.

Suppose we are unwilling to gain closure. The closure that comes from within by listening to our thoughts, bodies, and hearts and listening to others’ words has not completed our healing and forgiveness process.

What if we still gather with others, virtually or otherwise, and continue contributing to the ill words against another? We have not learned about karma and judgment. Letting go of the subconscious mind is one of the most challenging experiences we can encounter. One that brings much confusion and uncertainty clouds our ability to see the truth—the truth in others, but more so, in our ability to trust ourselves.

We lock the pain in the subconscious mind and rarely want to look at the issue. There is a reason the painful experience is blocked! With that blockage, the inner child of ourselves doesn’t want to play with others in life. When this happens, the ascension will not take place.

While those we love, perhaps even ourselves, are sitting and watching the world redesigning in front of our eyes, others are stepping into new avenues of life, moving forward! Courageously! Fearlessly, we take the energy from that hidden pain now transmuted into helping humanity.

That is an incredible and commendable feat!

Yet we wonder what the others will do. The people who are so stubborn can’t see they are creating a lack in their lives. When we stay stuck in anger, pain, resentment, judgment, and abuse, it leads us into a world of painful experiences in our lives filled with lack.

Where will that lead us in the future?

Undoubtedly, many will go back into another repetitive cycle of the same situations as before. Some may be a little better, or perhaps worse. Going in reverse is more painful than moving into something new. Or is it worse?

Some recognize they don’t plan to gain momentum to lift themselves through the rocking and shaking as we “climb up” in life. After identifying it’s the same experience as before, clarity comes in just with a different cast and crew this time.

I wonder if those stuck in the low vibrating emotions of guilt and shame will look for the root of the problem, or will their growing soul stay in repetitive pain for another 200,000-year cycle?

I wonder if you and I will reunite in the ascended and beyond. Perhaps while having a beverage together, we will remember our love and time together today; through our soul’s eternal connection.

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