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Libra Season Highlights 2023

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

By LA Gonzales

A psychic astro forecast for all zodiac signs

Libra Season Highlights 2023
Libra Zodiac Sign by Ascending Souls Journey

It's that time of the year when we shift from one zodiac season to another. As we leave the beautiful Virgo season, a feeling of revitalization and improved attitudes are here, now ready to make things happen, which yields a promising "something is coming" on the agenda.

Libra season begins September 22 through October 22.

Those born under the sign of Libra are incredible people with the innate ability to merge one side of their brain with the other, creating unity - a balance of logic and heart for the perfect outcome. Libra want peace and harmony and love around them at all times.


Element: Air

Symbol: Scales

Ruling Planet: Venus

Stones: Opal

Dates: September 22 - October 22


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Libra Season Highlights 2023 for all zodiac signs is here!

Libra Season Highlights 2023 is for all zodiac signs; even though many believe our sun sign defines our strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, we are all comprised of each zodiac sign inside, which we can tap into whenever we need or want. As we approach the opportune time for this realignment, we will feel a spiritual reminder in one or all areas of life to create unity and balance our scales for harmony. Meaning it's time to be your true self and walk in an authentic presence among everyone at all times. With the truthfulness underlying us, giving a distinct definition to our character, we can expect the unexpected.

Libra energy will run high over the next several weeks, opening new doors for creativity, honor, and romance. Not only will those born under the sun sign of Libra gain the benefits, but so will others who carry the "scales" energy with them at all times.

Wearing the lucky color of white will give a silent kiss to seal the deal in all life niches, particularly for those working in design, education, and community. If someone or something has placed a hold on a project or job opportunity, the energy shifts with a green light! Those stuck trying to invent a new product or design, particularly in the home interior, will leave that space, allowing a rapid transit of abundant falling in from all directions. Each will come with your spiritual instructions to follow to aid in completing the task while receiving divine blessings.

Meditating and surrounding yourself with the color "pink" can boost self-love, increase confidence, and provide an innocent sensual surge to an existing romantic situation and a new person for our singles with a built-in option toward a long-term relationship. Place pink and white wax candles and scents from pink flowers around your home. Wear or hold onto pink gemstones and crystals easily placed in the pocket or purse as they continue changing energy vibrations throughout the month.


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Families who have fallen short with gatherings or may have faced untimely divisions will have fun catching up with the sped-up time over the past few years. These are the people we love and cherish but may have become estranged for an oddly peculiar reason. The time spent apart gave each person time to regroup and figure out if they wanted to be involved with each other and may have felt a big push through the recent mercury retrograde cycle. Now, spiritual realms give a hand as the plans will take off splendidly, especially if preparing for an upcoming trip or adventure. If you are not currently speaking, there will be highly detailed dreams and constant thoughts of them in your waking state - a hint: you'll talk again soon.

Cosmic Openings

Blue bedding
photo by Mitchell Griest|Unsplash

No matter where you live, the cosmos is opening a slim window for the year's final quarter. The balance you create internally will show up in your external everyday life. It has nothing to do with bringing back past situations as they were but a redesign filled with eloquent trimmings that will sparkle to onlookers in all venues.

If you've been having some restless nights, make sure to sleep with blue sheets or Pjs because you're going to need to be rested. The extensive offer will finally arrive for those ready for the success attached to their goals. Offers will show up through the Libra season that will kick start in December and January, giving a high-spirited invitation to master your craft with recognition in 2024.


Use micro expressions and intuition to avoid negative situationss
Micro Vibes by LA Gonzales


by LA Gonzales

Being stuck in repetitive negative cycles usually has a hidden culprit, creating drama and traumas. Learning to use micro expressions and our intuition can break the cycle, allowing for healthy relationships with others and ourselves.

Read it now and make the changes to a better life.


It's time for all Libra's and other zodiac signs who know they are to walk in their life and soul purpose to create and implement the best plan for their outcome. Karma will knock at the door of those who prefer to stay back and live in the shadows of the past, as it's time to pay the dues or reap the rewards.

September is a full-on action month that will continue through October and, for many, will continue until January 2024. Hard work is one of many things required. Being your true self will show outward, bringing in identical thinkers and creators - dreamers, and shakers that will be a gift from the universe.

Always stay true to your intuition, ignore those who attempt to keep you back, and "know" your time is arriving.

Happy Birthday to our Libras!

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