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March Spiritual Testing

Updated: Jan 12

Contemplating the future or the past at the oceanside.
photo by Hadija Saidi on Unsplash

Have you been experiencing any of the following?

  • Loud and constant ringing in the ears

  • Heaviness in the heart

  • Positive but still uncertain

  • Withdrawn and quiet

  • Not hungry, and food tastes different

  • Unsatisfied with circumstances

  • Fatigue and sleepless nights

  • Conflict with money, finances, and budgeting

  • Thirsty but unable or willing to quench the thirst

  • Numbness, spasms, and minor aches and pains in limbs

  • Dull headache around the eyes

  • Tight and painful on the top of the head

  • Hearing unknown voices

  • Feeling Nauseated

  • Lower back pain between the back of the shoulders

  • Shortness of breath

  • Knowing something better is on the way, but can't identify it

Spiritual Testing

Now, if you're thinking these are ascension symptoms, you are correct. We encounter more than one ascension to complete our spiritual cycle and form a robust, powerful presence of self. Our human minds can only comprehend portions of our full spiritual ascension, leaving us time to acclimate and have a choice to keep going into something better for ourselves.

The universal energy is amplifying to bring back people, places, and experiences that caused an imbalance from 2-3 years ago. For some, it may be the same situation that was a repetitive cycle getting ready to reignite again. We may be in a great position that seems to feel right, forward movement; however, look for the signs of completion. Some of these spiritual signs can be old photos cracking and fading, cherished items breaking, and the spiritual and humanistic inner-self colliding. Businesses may have begun to dissolve, educational goals are changing, and many other life situations falling away, leaving us in a query.


Spiritual Foundational Testing. Are you sure you want or don't want something or someone? Now is the time to decide to be centered inside and empowered for what is to come! Closing old patterns, people, and life experiences has been hitting us over the past six months. Projects we are working on, careers, and all types of relationships may have been crumbling away, piece by piece, to allow an opening for us.


March through June of this year is a significant shift in our ability to change our course of direction and finally resolve old Karmic situations that have been replaying in one or more areas of our lives. Whether it's Romance, Finances, Family, or all combined, our ears will be ringing and our minds ruminating. You may even find yourself talking to someone in your head or constantly thinking about that experience.

The big hurrah is happening, and we want to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to start new beginnings or enhance the one we've begun. There will be significant changes in our outer world that will affect our lives in various ways. Negativity will come in through the shift starting now, so we must stay grounded, focused, and in alignment with ArchAngel Michael and all positive abilities to prepare for the summer and fall this year. He came to me in meditation yesterday and today, guiding me to help you through this process with a solid program to fit your needs and achieve the optimal outcome.

Let's get re-aligned by looking at the past, present, and future through your chakras.

It is essential to keep mentally clear and focus on what we want without wavering backward through the multiple temptations. Using sage to clear your home and self, we can move past the pulling of the cosmos and get what we need to push in the direction we want to go or enhance where we are today.

2023 is very important to complete the process we have all worked on for some time. Don't worry about anyone around you that is not open to the changes in themselves, the world, or you, and once you finish, they will most likely choose to hop on board.

Happy Ascension.

*ArchAngel Michael asked me to combine all three in one service to help our subscribers and existing clients. Check your email for the special link for the Spiritual Foundational Trio designed to enlighten your path to achieving your goals and desires.

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