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New Moon In Aquarius

A new avenue for us lit by the stars to help us see through the darkness that has surrounded us for years. A universal shift of opportunity is coming.

An Intuitive Perception

The new moon shows through the clouds at 2 am over New York. A ring of orange circled the bright white moon, letting us know something is on the way. It will be bigger than we could imagine.

LA Gonzales took the photo; in Bay Shore, NY.

As we shift from the new Leo moon that occurred in January 2021, we are transitioning into the new moon’s opposing energy in the sign of Aquarius. A unique moment in history is happening on February 11, 2021, where six planets are lining up like a newly created a pathway for us to choose to hop on and ride into the bliss of the unknown.

Each of us will be facing the respecting energies of the sign of Aquarius. The bearer of truth–bringing in secrets kept and now to reveal. If we grasp onto the courageous Leo the lion’s tail, we can make magic in our lives.

The planets are giving us, as a collective, a unique and rare opportunity to manifest and create from our thoughts. The individual’s thinking, combined with the collective’s minds, can move mountains or plummet us backward to repeat a negative cycle.

While the lion in us was roaring up courage in our words or thoughts, the “inner knowing” that action is needed was tickling in our bellies. Subtly, we all feel the strength of Leo blending with the power of truth-bearing Aquarius. Now arriving just in time to take all the hard work and efforts we have been focused on and bring them into reality.

The courage was building and even raging for some, with the lion’s den circling any old issues that brought fear, pain, and doubt. Get ready to lift that big urn filled with the humanitarian emotions and logic of the Aquarius.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius will feel a tremendous inner knowing it’s time to believe and jump into a new plane of existence or not. All of us have a piece of Aqua’s rippling humanitarian nature and will feel a shift in the “matrix of invisible energy.” When nurturing, what we’ve planted in our thoughts aligns with reality. Thinking can grow us or flip us upside down, depending on our thoughts.; positive or negative.

We are embarking on a heightened moment in time, in our history of existence, where we can choose. What we think will come into our reality. It may happen quickly for some of us, and for others, it will move in slow, as if it’s taunting and pushing us forward with an invisible hand on our head, keeping us stuck.

Whether we hear an inner voice saying, “keep going” or “jump on the new path,” we are all moving into a beautiful time of our existence. Where the thin veil of reality moves and our destiny can change. The moment the soul of us as one will emerge. Whether it’s of light and love or evil and anything in between, it will grow visible to all.

Fans of the adventure lands and wishing upon the stars, the reality of miracles may occur. When the soul connects with the mind and acts through the body to generate sparks flying to earth, consider spending time watching the stars and make the wish you always wanted.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius represents many character traits with a heightened ability of communication and thoughts. The rulers of the airwaves ~ the universal energies around. For the next 30 days following Aqua’s arrival, there will be much truth revealed to each of us. We will receive answers through the person, the situation, the earth, a vision, or an inner knowing. No matter how it arrives, what reveals its ugly or beautiful head will seem like a giant neon sign right in front of our path.

It is equally vital for us to be honest and truthful about what we want and who we are in our existence. Many of us will feel forced to look at ourselves, our lives, all over again. Always expect the unexpected and welcome it upon its arrival.

An ultimate challenge for each of us to face is what we pretend didn’t exist or has changed. The truth that always surrounds gives the momentum to move forward, and that’s what this Aquarius new moon will be doing. Many have been waiting for the push to enter our reality.

The collective consciousness of humanity will lift, and movement toward truth, abundance, and prosperity will rise, as will the Aquarius Nation. Inner knowing of the Age of Aquarius is here, and it’s part of us as an awakened community to reach out and help others as we grow ourselves. A rare opportunity for us to grab “The Keys” and open our door in the balance of ebb and flow through the vibrational shifts.

On February 11, 2021, the energies will guide us to focus on what makes us sad or happy and begin or further grasp the emerging new world around us. How do you fit into the world? What are you going to contribute to the rise of humanity in love? Are we, as a collective consciousness, ready to turn the wheel of destiny?

Much Love and Light ~ Lori Ann

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