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Starting A New Soul Cycle

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

A new soul cycle - soulful eyes
Soulful Eyes | photo by Andy Bellegarde

There are more universal signs and synchronicities now than ever before. Look around, and the evidence is clear; the answers come in one at a time with extra reinforcement to bring positive results. A psychic forecast.

Starting A New Soul Cycle

Like everyone I know, making some kind of change has become part of life everywhere. Looking for a new job or relationship, creating cost-cutting moves to feel secure, and feeling happy in each step we take are rising. The energy is shifting again, and October will be a monumental time to take action. For those starting a new soul cycle, "doing something

' is clear, but the "when" may need some spiritual reinforcement.


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I found myself thinking (asking) is this the right time to start a new venture? I repeat it over and over as I study to perfect my presentation to the world, an exciting path to help many and myself.

My mind wandered into a blissful state of the melancholy of the past people, places, and life situations that brought me joy. My grandfather popped into my head as I saw a vision, a memory of him laughing while we were talking, just before he crossed over. It was one of the best moments we shared, and I knew the love was mutual. Instantaneously, I moved to a glimpse of my father, who brought me a birthday cake. Even though there was so much pain from years prior, that was the best birthday I had ever had… just the two of us.

Two days of old memories came flooding in, ranging from my first love, who scared my heart for so long, to my children, careers, and much more. All of them felt different this go around. There was no crying from pain, anger, or frustration - it was gone. I heard them speak to me in each spiritual encounter with words that opened my heart more than ever. There is complete peace, and I am ready for whatever is to come.


After feeling the inner comfort and revitalized alignment, I sat still for a few minutes, then looked at the clock and saw 1:11 p.m. I knew I should take a walk to breathe some fresh air and feel the sunlight. Within a few blocks, an eagle soared over my head, landing on the branch of a tree just a few yards away. Walking toward the tree, I saw the beautiful feathered friend watching me. Smiling back, the messenger was gone in the blink of an eye, but the spiritual lift continued to linger. Further down the block, I saw a feather on the ground. The soft breeze was blowing the dead fall leaves around, yet seemingly bypassed the beautiful piece of faith lying on the sidewalk with the tip of it flickering with the flow, quickly followed by a bluejay reiterating my grandfather's love from afar.

When I returned home, a strong feeling came over me to watch a social media account, viewing the new postings running through my automated feed. An inspirational message that spoke to me gave me the blessing to move forward and act on what I had been asking all along.

The messages we receive always come through, but deciphering if they are an answer can be confusing. The divine works with us at all times. Memories of people who inspire us through life struggles, hearing telepathically the words "I am sorry" in a dream, and the simple synchronicities that appear right in front of us are all forms of communication confirming what we should do and the possibilities of the results at hand.

Spiritual Connections

Spiritual Connection
Photo by Ashley Batz | Unsplash


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Our spiritual connection to the divine encourages and strengthens us to move into these changes that can benefit us. Yet, our beliefs or faith make it impossible or prosperous. Trusting in any area of life comes from using our intuition. Going deep while walking a spiritual transitioning moment will bring us to a place we dream about having and show us the results if we desire to take a leap of faith. When dealing with people, we can use our intuition and watch for the humanistic symbols and traits referred to as "Micro Vibes" that will conclude the potential of joy or other emotional experiences. No matter how we look, the answers are always there for us - ready to make bold steps in getting what we want without hurting another.

The Divine Doors are open, allowing the truth benefits of seeing a miracle and transforming it into a winning experience for ourselves. We are blessed with the unique ability to clearly see what was created as part of our spiritual path. It's up to us to find and enhance these doors and windows as we go into the next stage of the changes in the newly created era of our historical timeline. Using our spiritual and psychic gifts brings us universal wisdom and a choice to read our Akashik records. The real question is, who will pay attention and have faith that the actual facts about our soul are there for us anytime we want, or will we choose to go backward and go another cycle of repeating scenarios once again.



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