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Puzzles and Focus

Grow the “Mind” by creating a mental block to allow clarity to come through.

When we focus our minds in a specific direction, we can block everything and everybody out with purpose. We create a mental seclusion that disconnects the thoughts and emotions of whatever we have been dealing with, either positive or negative. It can be referred to a detachment that leads to a path toward "openness."

A path allows us to let go and see, feel, or know beyond reality. In that period, we can grow and expand our creativity in areas of our own lives and what we've created around us. Our intuition or psychic abilities grow. A profound thought process that can feel so empty and insignificant yet carries the option to make impactful changes if we practice it regularly.

If we take a moment and perform a quick google search to see what studies I could find for this topic and always advise others on your research. There are many articles to read; the results ranged from a variation of no proven results to excellent results when it came to focusing.

Each individual is different in what they like and the needs for mental stimulation and growth, and therefore not all will find it feasible; however, many of us will. It comes with a sense of willpower and determination to focus on the puzzle. To gain growth, we must see through the obvious in front of us. Our soul's natural organic portion is already aware of completing the path once we initiate it through mental exercises.

Through withdrawal and seclusion, consciously or subconsciously:

  1. We analyze how to piece our lives back together.

  2. Remembering boring, lack of drama is good for our mind, body, and soul.

  3. Reconnecting to how we think and feel.

  4. Focus promotes determination.

  5. Determination produces results.

  6. Working our mental brain muscles. logic ~ left side of the brain.

On a spiritual level, you may also find it contributes to the interconnection of the brain's right side—the "heart" of our thinking. If you remember, the last time you used a puzzle, it's essential to be delicate, so the paper doesn't lift off the puzzle's base. Using our open-heartedness can kick in our nurturing side and help bring us into inner balance rapidly.

Look at it from this angle. We exercise our physical body to become healthy and fit. When we accomplish our goals, we find ourselves expanding and feeling a sense of victory. Whether we become creative or take on more mental and physical work, mental focus is one of the most powerful resources we have within ourselves, like the physical body.

Many of my clients dealt with difficulties in focus, which catapulted into a massive amount of confusion. Ascending Souls Journey created the Arch Angel Michael puzzle to help our clients and others to begin the self-awareness of mental stimulation. A journey into the subconscious programming that can be altered through our thoughts and focus.

Puzzles, big, small, or in-between, grow our psychic or intuition. Beginning a new habit of using them will invigorate us to focus, direction, and expansion. The energy that runs through our body, will move the negativity through the arms and out of the hands, giving us an unseen yet felt lifting that will produce a positive outcome.

Spend hours working on the word search and regular puzzles, and when complete, focus on the work you've just accomplished. How would you do it differently? Would you re-create it? Could you choose a different puzzle or try ours? Most of us will automatically feel drawn to starting something new or finishing something undone.

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