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Unlock the Power: Using the 1212 New Moon Portal

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

New Moon with spiritual infusion
Moon photo by Ascending Souls Journey

Unlock the Power: Using the 1212 new moon portal to connect to the divine being we were created to be and bring in positive change—a psychic forecast.

Each month, we have different astrological phases that pass through, including the December New Moon and the incredible 12:12 Portal opening for each person if they choose. In this post, we will look at the following:

- December New Moon Portal

December New Moon 1212 Portal

On December 12, 2023, a unique portal will open to allow us to create and make significant changes. Whatever we want can happen when we step through the powerful door that will reveal our spiritual growth and awareness of our infinite being. Use the 1212 portal to connect to the divine being we were created to be… now comes with more power than imaginable. 

All of this is happening to allow us to bring in positive aspects in one or all areas of our lives. The portal is happening just before the New Moon, which gives it a supercharge in what it can do for us if we work with the energy.

While searching for the time of the new Moon, I found an interesting fact on Moongiant about the time all over. In each prominent location throughout the world, there is a combination of two 3's in the time.

33's in Global Timezones

December New Moon 1212 Portal global time zones
Moongiant calendar with global new moon timezones

What is the 1212 Portal about?

Our "light" spiritual body, called Merkabah, which I found on Crystalinks, allows us to connect to all the power coming directly from the source. Allowing our divine being to escalate and use the energetic power to align higher and walk through the ultimate dimension. Thus giving us more creativity and expansion to make the positive changes we want.

I have been shown two pyramids overlapping where one points up and the other points down. The upward position represents (Air) our connection to source, the highest energy power known, while the downward position represents (the Earth) and our human existence. They spin, creating a 3-dimensional energetic field. The energy is like a vehicle we can hop on board to gain higher wisdom and expansion.

If you recall, our energy promotes the transmission of what we think and feel. By jumping into the energetic field, we can transport from here to there and get what we need. We can get what we want by using the knowledge and wisdom on Earth. 

Is it that simple?

It seems so complicated until we understand that we are made of energy. It's so simple once we know how we connect through the vibrating connection. Using our minds and hearts, we can make the changes we want in moments.

The Challenges that come into play are our human nature and the programming we have been surrounded by throughout this life span. There are mental blockages that create confusion as to who we are and where we come from, meaning the universe… the spiritual source. 

Using the 1212 New Moon Portal

Creating Positive Change

December brings us this incredible opportunity to unlock the power: Using the 1212 new moon portal where we can create and make the good stuff roll in and keep coming. Walking through the doorway into a different dimension gives us an extraordinary opportunity. Using the 1212 New Moon Portal will give a powerful boost in creating positive change. Follow below to begin your personal expansion and positive changes.

  1. Clear out negativity

  2. Set your intentions

  3. See your energetic pyramid surrounding you.

  4. Breathe and align your thoughts with each breath intake, then release it toward the top of your energetic pyramid

  5. Hold space and allow expansion to bring it to earth

It is best for many to go into a meditative state, blocking out all outer inference. Connect to your breathing until your mind, body, and soul align where the universal colors appear. Focus on them while remaining in sync or at "one" with the universe and self. 

You may see the colors move around, change from one to another, or explode with precision like a fireworks show. Continue to focus on what you are seeing and listen. You may hear a voice from your guides, guardians, or higher self. They will ask questions or give advice as needed. Remember that the voices may not necessarily sound like someone talking in your ear, but they just form thoughts in your head. No matter how it comes to you, the powerful words will touch your soul, and that's when things begin to take shape internally. A deep connection to what we desire now holds space in the soul.

After your meditative session, give thanks and gratitude. Appreciating what we have just seen keeps the connection alive to create the idea in the real world of Earth. Faith is the final key component to creation. 

Remembering to do everything we've discussed without restrictions will expand us and keep our intentions in place. Too many expectations can inhibit or disintegrate the electrical currents from developing our wishes. This means to be specific without putting a cap on what comes into our lives. It happens often with the clients I work with, where they want a specific type of person. Explaining they must have dark hair, blue eyes, and a particular body type and won't settle for anything less is a restriction. See the image you want and "know" the divine will send you the ultimate person meant for you - your genuine person. They may show up with medium hair and green eyes that compliment your appearance, but more importantly, they will match with you in every way, spiritually and earthly.


All zodiac signs 1212 Portal Messages

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