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Something Big Is Coming

There is a stir in the air! A movement around our heads and inside our body, hovering over our solar plexus, banging, pushing, and popping!

A feeling is triggering us on a deep level. There is a tugging from the universal plains in the core or center of our human bodies. As if they were saying, “lookup."

Can you feel it? What is it?

Our internal alarm clock can say, “Wake up,” or tell us to walk away from something, even someone. That one thing that brings us joy and sadness almost simultaneously. Now compiled with every other positive and negative emotion and thought. Frustrations, fear, anger, and an undeniable familiarity that is loud!

Suppose we dig deep to pull off the gray cloak and look further - and see beyond the present. A life hole can take us backward, then forward, or side to side; Even crossed-eyed too! One thing is for sure, we are being told, warned, and guided toward the most favorable outcome possible for our evolution.

Our inner knowing will kick in if it hasn’t already, and these tugged strings will feel like we dipped them in gold and silver.

Shinny and alluring metals, strong pliable, carrying us to ultimate enhancement.

Thoughts, words, and actions, once divided, will come together as one. For the next decade or longer, we will care about the thinking, speaking, and efforts are working on today. We will leap into our faith of believing we have wiped our script blank like a canvas. A jump to cross over hurdles that open a gateway to the future. One where the abyss of the universal elements of possibilities will wait for our designed destiny.

What does this mean?

Father time is guiding us to make a choice. Who do we want to associate with, and where do we see ourselves in the future? Are we looking, smelling, or feeling good? Are we pleased with the positive step into the universal stairs toward our version of eternal life? The image we see is now right in front of us. The question remains, are we ready?

It is the last “Eureka” moment for some, while others have already decided. Nonbelievers will always be around. They will encounter their way of thinking as they move forward. Have we figured out if the old life is the path we choose to continue to walk in or a new one?

There are still opportunities awaiting us!

There is still time to make the tear down final of the illumed layers. A highlighted effect reminds us never to repeat the past but to look for alternatives that bring joy. To complete each task on our list and then throw away the paper we wrote decades ago. The removal will allow us to build a new life without anger or fear. Working in tandem with the planets and stars to create our ascending stairway - and go higher than ever before.

We are choosing our humanistic future and the ending of the evolutionary cycles of our souls. The ever-lasting part of us that never leaves only changes. Lessons learned to give us the enlightenment to release and move away from life’s experiences that once made us feel loved but not getting anything back. Those are some of the dysfunctional encounters that we are intuitively aware of, restricting us from what we want. It’s time to decide and carry forward - who, why, and what we believe.

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