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Supermoon Advancement

The planets are aligning once again for a brief time for us to grow. July's supermoon combined with pluto's return brings a glorious moment for advancement in many areas of life, particularly career-related endeavors. A psychic astro forecast for July.

Advancement is promoting ourselves to a plan of growth. Our financial gains can increase with the cosmos' help, where we begin to finally feel a trickle of positivity in our mind, body, soul, and bank account.

Ideas circulating for each zodiac sign are getting ready to become embedded in the earth, creating a unique path where only a few walk. Each holds the potential to mix the challenges and struggles and ignite a spark in the birth of creation over the next six months.

Through the last two weeks of July 2022, opportunities are arriving from all around. Authenticity will shine however it must be created initially from each zodiac sign. Karma is attached to the advancement of creative projects. Areas in fine arts begin progressing into a tangible presentation.

Health care and holistic families will begin to expand on downloads that guide them to help humanity on a grand scale between August and November and will pay out equally in an elegant way. New methods and modalities will cast a golden line of restored hope and strength to help others in their personal energy and health advancements.

It is a small and fruitful window that will be worth the energy and effort for those that follow their intuition. Heightened senses are rising, honing in on the educated and mature givers. Inner lie detectors will spot the situations to avoid, giving the right direction at the right moment.

Between July 15 - 30, each zodiac sign has something unique to light the path toward advancement:

Aries (Born March 21- April 19)

For the past 24 months, something brewing has been preparing to make its mark on earth. Advancement in a new liberal arts and psychology concept will be long-lasting if a patent exists. Look for the universal synchronicities for guidance when accepting a fantastic offer. It may seem to be good to be accurate and yet tempting. Trusting the intuitive psychic within will reveal the most advantageous route to take.

Taurus (Born April 20 - May 20)

A dawning of enlightenment will shine through in the weeks following plutos return, leading toward a sense of security. A significant opportunity will come through to help anchor Taurus to earthly stability. Love may be knocking at the back door; focus on the desires in order. Either love or career will be the primary topic that will move into a forward position in the following weeks before the following season.

Gemini (Born May 21- June 20)

Open-hearted Geminis will have their cup filled with a new gain toward their advancement. If a lack of energy has stuck in over the past twelve months, something incredible is emerging that will bring an exciting offer, particularly concerning travel and relocation. A chosen desired outcome will peak by the end of the following month, bringing with it all the accolades. Trophies of achievement and honors amongst society will show the most valuable in expanding financial resources. Romantic love may be close to success when the nudge to redirect in career will temporarily hold on to its development. The rewards are en route for those that cleared out old stuck and stubborn patterns with new replacements.

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Cancer (Born June 21- July 22)

A shooting star will fall to Cancers that have devoted the energy and effort to expand their awareness. A certification or degree will be arriving at the right time to give advancement in the area of security. An exciting moment in the cool breeze of the evening may be just what the cosmos ordered to restore positive self-beliefs. Balancing work and home life is a requirement through the challenges that appear when least expected. A family member may show up at the door as a test of the inner emotional and mental blocks that created friction over the past decade. Rejuvenation and hydration are crucial elements for replacements of low vibrating energy fields. Romance will be rocky and bounce back directly within the next several weeks.

Leo (Born July 23 - August 22)

Raise a hand and shout out as the cosmos send a blessing to Leo in the following two weeks. A reluctant project or idea begins to take the form that will leave a revived zest of excitement toward a job well done. Joining a new organization will improve the social appearance toward advancement in finances and security. An offer will follow from an expected source and will be worth the wait. Inner guidance will align with the stars to be in the right place at the right moment for considerable advancement. Relocation for a job or career path will prove to be highlighted through the August new moon. A special moment with a "special" person will slowly develop and show full force at the end of the season.

Virgo (Born August 23 - September 22)

Birds and butterflies will be a synchronistic sign to get grounded and center, particularly outdoors. In hot regions, changing to an early morning breath of air or meditation will be recognized as necessary for advancement. Enjoying time with co-workers and family will cue Virgo's action toward advancing a career endeavor. Signing up for classes and higher education will begin a new start in increased finances and security. Emphasis on feeding the mind with increased information and technology will manifest as a big payout in the following months. Laughter, rejuvenation, and proper health care regimes are crucial components of this zodiac sign.


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Libra (Born September 23 - October 22)

Taking a trip on the light fantastic will begin to re-energize the zodiac sign of Libra. Singing and dance classes will become a routine to eliminate stress and focus on career advancement. The regular social circles may become stale over the next few weeks, signaling to join a new club or organization. Traveling to a natural beauty setting will assist in expanding an idea on hold for the past several months. Opening the mind without needing all the facts will trigger a spark to utilize to gain additional revenue and resources. A new romantic experience may begin while enjoying a quiet evening under the stars.

Scorpio (Born October 23 - November 21)

The cosmos will give Scorpios the focusing power to take steps in creating a new career path. Emotional attachment will grow and blossom into a higher force bringing with it financial security. An exciting offer may present while this zodiac sign becomes lost in enriched writings to achieve advancement, particularly in the career of medicine and social work. New relationships will progress quickly over the next several months, where the test of getting to know someone will be emphasized. A big-ticket purchase may be postponed for a few weeks and revisited before the next mercury retrograde period.

Sagittarius (Born November 22 - December 21)

A soft and subtle situation occurring at the beginning of the planet change will bring enlightenment to the stubborn Sagittarians indicating a change must take place in their thoughts will be needed to achieve success. Advancement is in alignment for those in the area of law and legal careers. A promotion or bonus may be surprising to the hardworking that is well overdue. An increase in finances and security will show in small portions and peek just before the new moon arrives the following month. Patience and listening will become a factor in receiving the rewards. A judgment decision will cause alarms and bells to go off, warning that not everything is as it seems, particularly in social circles.

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Capricorn (Born December 22 - January 19)

An exciting spark falls on Capricorn that will assist toward advancements. Carrer opportunity that doesn't seem to fit will fall into place by the end of the month, bringing with it security. Animals and natural land exploration are fast ways to keep the vibrations high and produce positive changes. A simple conversation at a local store will bring in a new friendship or romantic relationship to last for years to follow. Heightened intuitive hints will be pinging in this zodiac sign to continue walking a path that leads to a higher level of life. Hurdles will be overcome with focus over the next few weeks bringing in a new job offer. Eliminating addictions and finding suitable replacements are blessed with a kiss from the cosmos.

Aquarius (Born January 20 - February 18)

A lost opportunity will be a blessing in disguise by the end of the two weeks. Testing from the cosmos will bring an exciting and financially rewarding opportunity upon completing a project that began 24 months ago. Emphasis on travel and relocation will get a positive outcome that will assist the air sign of Aquarius in creating an explosive gain in career. Proper nutrition and health habits are an ally in re-energizing the mind, body, and soul. New social groups will create a new cycle of prosperity that will grow this zodiac sign's bank account and hearts for years to come. A reuniting of an old friend or family member will give a glow that illuminates a brilliant new career or idea to become a success in the following season.

Pisces (Born February 19 - March 20)

The weary and tired will feel alive again during this moon cycle. A cheerful glow and high frequency are en route to Pisces, working on healthy habits. A past loved one may be caught in the mind of this zodiac sign, giving direction on a different path toward advancement in career and finance. An exciting opportunity awaits just around the corner, highlighting faith in the unseen. A new romantic experience will add a touch of spice to the bedroom with a follow-up of a long-life partnership. Business owners will feel a shake-up leading to a positive change to increase growth amongst peers. The cosmos will lift this zodiac sign to complete a cycle and bring in the heavenly rewards.

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