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July Community News

July 2022 will be one of the best months of the year! Use the help from the cosmos and universal shifts to help grow awareness and find your life and soul's purpose.

Word of the month

Our guides and higher power give explicit detail to guide us in life. We all need a focal point to help us navigate daily struggles, delays, and changes. In every edition of our newsletters, we will give the keywords to help inspire and grow our community in a positive direction. Focusing on the meaning of the word, writing it down on small pieces of paper, and placing them anywhere we spend time. The kitchen sink area, bathroom mirror, our cars, in our purses and pockets; anywhere we can instantly look at it for the inspiring word to grow our life.

July's Word of the Month: Advancement

July will give everyone a silent nudge to make changes toward advancing our current plans. It may come in the work environment with advancement into a new role or a completely different career that will ultimately become a life advancement. July's a sacred month for awakening and ascending toward our goals and success. Furthering some or all areas of life will focus on rebuilding and starting with a clean slate. We will continue to expand the meaning of advancement through our blogs, social posts, and upcoming Live Energy Shift readings on our YouTube channel.

July Energy Shifts Psychic Predictions. Watch the primary focus for each zodiac sign to flow into positivity.

Now ready to watch on our YouTube Channel: Ascending Souls Journey - Lori Ann

Subscribe to our channel and click the bell for a reminder to join our predictions and guided tarot readings for all zodiac signs throughout each month. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.


"Empowerment In The Age Of Aquarius."

Mark the calendar for this incredible opportunity to advance your mind, body, and spirit with us in our AQUARIUS RISES LIVE! on July 11 @ noon EDT.


Read LA's new blog post:

"July Brings Cosmic Rewards" - All Zodiac Signs Astro projections.


Quote of the month:

"Feed the Mind, Heal the Body, Grow the Soul"

~ by LA Gonzales

What does this mean?

When we feed our minds full of new information, we will gain the opportunity to expand creativity and intellect while changing our compass in the right direction. Proper and correct details will help us avoid adverse outcomes. Intelligence turns to knowledge, which turns into wisdom. Our mind works in tandem with body and soul.

Heal the body from all negative patterns and addictions. It may include changing our diet by adding antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals lacking in our routine diet. Increasing our physical movement works to expel the toxic chemicals from our food and overindulge in specific unhealthy items. Our body's alignment with the proper mind nutrition will make us feel better, creating a high frequency where we can progress toward success.

Grow the soul into the authentic person we are destined to be. The actual inner self knows everything we need to achieve and learn. It can be a struggle to fit into our life if our genuine self-reflection doesn't align with what we see in our life. With proper mind nutrition and healing of our bodies from negativity, we can use the "Micro Vibes" method to feel lighter and sense we hold the power to make changes that will bring us the ultimate victory of walking the life and soul's purpose.


What's New In Our Community?

Group sessions will replace single sessions except for those currently in multi-session plans.

Single private session purchases will only be available for a couple of weeks, ending on July 22.

A long-overdue break is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are moving into writing, blogs, group sessions, new podcast, and public appearances. For those souls wanting to break through spiritual barriers and purchase a multi-package plan, we will continue to work together as usual. *Please schedule a single session or more by the July closing date.


NEW - Psychic Energy Combo Limited - 30 minutes @ $69.99

Get unstuck and open a doorway to a new path. A combined psychic reading and energy gauging to help your journey. A (30) minute virtual online session. We'll find blockages/closed chakras using all guidance and spiritual gifts and lead you toward healing and clearing—a great way to check on personal growth and changes in your life. With every single session, Lori Ann will move the energy in your field to allow positive flow. Excellent for structure, confidence, and inner wisdom to make life changes from the core. You have limited time pricing and availability.

How do we help each of our community members?

In July 2022, we now offer group focus sessions, courses, digital plans, and workshops to help enrich our minds, bodies, and souls. Choose a plan that fits your lifestyle while getting some answers to those questions. Create an ebb and flow by choosing our monthly plan to lock in the free reading guidance provided each month, week, and daily on our YouTube channel and blog posts. Join our website community and subscribe to our free newsletter to receive exciting new information, notifications when the single sessions open, upcoming events, and new books.

Group Plans with Virtual Focus Meetings:

Women's Empowerment Group Plan

Wellness Group Plan

30-Day Digital Plan for Self-Love and Wellness

Coming soon: Ebb and Flow Plan, Silver and Gold Plans

Courses and Workshops

Breaking Through Blockages

HowTo Understand Universal Energies and Entities

Coming Soon!

Stop Smoking 3-day Group Hypnosis Virtual Event

When: August 26 - 28, 2022

Time: TBA

Cost: $75

The first three days are the most challenging when quitting an addiction or habit, including smoking. Spend two hours each day in our weekend event to quit for good this time! Meet others in the group and create a team effort with our chats. Limit group size only.
  • Friday 1 - Planning and preparing for our goal Hypnosis session

  • Saturday 2 - Progress follow-up with breathing techniques to regain focus

  • Sunday 3 - Progress follow-up toward completion

TBA: Subscribe to our FREE Newsletter and get notified of the details as soon as they are open. Request to be placed on the waitlist by sending your email to: In addition, find out about upcoming events, products, and when the single private readings return. Join our community and grow with like-minded people—much love and light.

See our "Angel Inspiration for Humans" monthly - random angelic messages to guide and keep hope toward prosperity.

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