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TIPS: Sugar Substitute

January 2021 TIPS: Sugar Substitute

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The wondrous journey of satisfying our sweet tooth and staying healthy or, shall we say, true to ourselves can be pretty challenging. You know that out-of-the-blue urge to stop everything right now! Grab a chunk of chocolate, close your eyes, and say, ah!

For me, the holidays have consistently increased my already overactive cravings, convincing me to search for a new palate of pleasure. Always with the vow that I will stop after the holidays. Wait, just one more, and so on. Regrets and guilt soon followed them.

In my early twenties, I became overly obsessed with nutrition and healthy alternatives to anything viewed through my studies as bad for the body. One of the most challenging replacements was for the deep indulgence that comes with chocolate. The rich, creamy burst of flavor seems to care for all of the momentary problems yet gives us more for the future.

We found a delightful replacement. Super sweet and filled with nutrients that will benefit the body and brain functionality. By chance, I mixed these, and what a chance I am always ready to jump on.

It's so simple; you'll giggle! It takes about 1 minute to prepare (so no excuses about time). It only has four ingredients that are usually in our homes. Before we begin, let's talk a bit about some of the benefits of each component.

Some of the benefits:

  1. Banana - The banana is filled with potassium, which helps with our heart, blood pressure, and brain functioning. According to WebMD*, potassium is also a crucial component in maintaining age, our youth. (After reading the article, I saw I needed to eat a few of these yellow friends). I have posted the article below for you to begin your research. There's something about a banana that brings the happy inner child out.

  2. Honey - Ah, the sweet dripping goo that so many love, straight from the cycle of life. Rich with antioxidants and a healthier, better "sugar" form entering the body. Honey helps to reduce blood pressure and can lower triglycerides. This precious natural product has more benefits than I could list and is in my top 10 for the most beneficial organic products. I have posted a link below for you to begin your research.

  3. Bran Flakes - I know what your thinking - What? Dry flakey little morsels that have a texture of sawdust. All we need is 1/8 of a teaspoon of these magical flakes, and our bodies will be singing for joy. Most of us are aware of the heart benefits, and to have more healthy, happy sprinkles on top make us all the better.

  4. Cinnamon - Just a dash of this zest of flavor that always makes us feel like we are "home." The aroma alone can bring the joy of the holiday spirit and give us the comfort we are looking for from the chocolate. Cinnamon is also another organic product that can help reduce blood pressure and more. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Another organic product in my top 10 list.


Cut up one yellow banana (It changes flavor with an overripe, recommend more of the brighter yellow color. Drizzle the honey over the top, lightly sprinkle the bran flakes, and a dash of cinnamon. Be wary; it does come with a packed punch of lip-puckering sweetness, wrapped in the wings of healthy. Chocolate cravings will run away after one bite.

2021 is starting all about starting over in the old way or new. Those willing to take a chance and try it, leave us a comment; we want to hear from you.

Bon appetite!

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