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The Gift Of Empathy

No matter which angle we look from, we can see that the past two years have led our civilization into shake-ups, break-downs, and a new reality about life. Every year takes a toll on our core being and what we want in life. This time, it focused on the things we thought were important.

The pandemic created many of us to feel isolated, trapped, and invisible. This instigated a deep inner fear that our world would never be what it once was. We understood the true meaning of “victimization through the silence,” leading us to question our actions and beliefs. It exposed repetitive life cycles where we asked if those we loved ever loved us back. Who was there for us when we needed them, and how much did we give to others around us?

Most of society questioned what the real meaning of love is. Romantic love is part of it and the highlights of the love of everything and every experience.

Functioning automobiles and factories created a disturbance in the air, and our lungs stopped, and so did the air pollens and pollution. A holding pattern gave us a glimpse of changes needed to create a healthier operating system for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Hints of changes can restore our world for the good of all, and there will be joy again.

As the supernatural and universal synchronicities floated in our thoughts and bedrooms, humanity prepared for the significant transformation in store. A push to change our lives and then the outside world, where acceptance of the unseen happened.

There was planning, just not the usual planning of big holiday gatherings and what gifts we will buy for another, but a time when we were choosing who and what we wanted around us. Inspiring stories and humans helped strangers across the globe to restore hope that everything would be alright.

Through the silence, we heard not only our inner voice speaking to us but the sounds of bells ringing, unseen equipment rumbling under the ground, and the weeping of the entire planet. Unknown yearning to be released from chains and shackles that weren’t seen but felt.

The holiday season of 2020 was a silent period where cleansing, clearing, and the need to release happened. Families that were torn apart for various reasons prompted many humans into a period of growth. Broken hearts and relationships on all levels were in the final stage to regain our power.

The Gift of Empathy

This holiday season will be a fresh feeling that many of us have not experienced. We’ve learned how to block the negative thinking and tell the narcissists and invisible entities to leave as we revel in focus on completing the changes to feel whole again. Rebirth of our own unique identity.

Many will witness the gift of empathy. Whether we hear, see, or feel it, we will continue to grow toward our new reality. Care, love, and genuine support will be gifted to those who need and deserve it. Individuals slamming others to appear grandiose compared to those they trampled are being found and will not receive what was once given. The actual victims that have been through difficult situations caused by others’ manipulation will be given hope again. Not from large corporations donating 5% of our love-giving donations, but from society to others.

By the end of December, a highlighted moment will occur when we can sit alone or with those we choose to spend time with, reveling in our accomplishments of overcoming the negative personal experiences that made us feel defeated.

Humanities hearts will open to the real meaning of unconditional love. It will hold arms open to allow new people into our lives that will bring fulfillment, resulting in giving to the right situations and experiences from love, not guilt or shame.

This holiday season, rejoice will be heard from rooftop to rooftop. The universe will send the sound of singing for the healing effects of humankind as we continue the beginning stages of The Age of Aquarius. The big moment where freedom rings telepathically in our vast existence. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions will drive us into a place of cherished moments to begin our new evolutionary cycle.

Sing, rejoice and let freedom ring.

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