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Understanding Tarot

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Tarot is one of the oldest ancient ways of divulging wisdom and insight to help humans navigate life. Some love the meanings, both old and new decks, while others believe it is taboo and brings evil.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is one of the oldest ancient ways of divulging wisdom and insight. The standard seventy-two-deck represents all areas of life, both positive and negative. They have helped people make wise choices, steer clear of negativity, and re-calibrate in all areas.

The New Age genre has become accustomed to and even reliant upon the mysterious secrets from the tarot. Bringing in new drawings, designs, and meanings continues to stir throughout the world. The attraction has become more popular than ever, and with the populating growth comes controversy.

When we dive into the meaning from old traditions to the present day, we can begin to understand the universal world of the unseen and how it merges into our generation. Each shuffle of the cards builds anticipation of what will come out for the receiver, who often uses the words “I hope” in the questions they ask.

The tarot is the story of life that ties into the spiritual and human worlds, including man-made religions, ancient cultures, and more. A mesmerizing effect comes from listening to our life shared by a stranger that resonates and radiates from our secret lives. So we must always ask how real situations show up through a tarot reading.

Usually, a tarot reader runs the show. Some translators use interconnection to the spiritual world, while others give the traditional message of the cards. They ask questions to the cards or outer world to receive answers for the client. Other readers will have their clients ask the primary questions, then use one or both of the above to conduct the session.

The cards give a fundamental meaning that offers the information to whoever asks for the information, and an excellent reader will use their intuition for the details. The cards’ placement is also an indicator when identifying areas around the client. Fated outcomes vary and aren’t always what we expect. Even with accuracy, the recipient may feel overwhelmed and fearful when those scenarios begin to fly out from the translator.

Many people today love to know what is coming in the future. Some love the meaning from both old and new versions, while others believe it is taboo and brings in evil. The controversy is about where the details and information come from and are we getting some black magic spell cast on us if we participate.

It’s simple. It’s up to the reader to translate the messages. Some readers give a small amount of detail, allowing their clients to contribute toward getting the actual answers, while others do it differently, providing ample information.


When “open-minded,” we can understand the interconnection of layers in the energy that flows around each experience. It’s similar to walking in a room and feeling someone is watching us. When we turn around, we find the intruder. We feel unidentifiable energy and unseen fields and search for it as human beings.

That feeling refers to an intuitive “knowing.” We seemed to feel someone was staring; we searched and gained confirmation it was true. That inner-knowing connects to the unseen of the past, present, and future.

The interpretations from one tarot reader to another can vary due to the amount of detail received and the energy vibration generated by the translator. If they are in a low vibrating place within mind, body, or spirit, the messages can come out very dark, or the opposite is the same regarding positivity. The amount of heightened senses is also a key point that brings in an accurate outcome. The more the translator connects to the client, the better the result.

It’s not the cards that translate the news; it comes from the reader. It’s not always that cut and dry because we are all humans and have good and bad days; however, their vibrations hold power in the answers for the client. The reader must be very good at separating themselves from the client to gain details for the individual. If they are excellent in opening to the connections, the translator can provide highlights from the client’s akashic records, past lives, and more.

How to know who to choose

Often, people select the reader without knowing any information about them. For example, they are looking for services from a hotline, which comes with approximately a 200-word introduction. That is very little information to make a biased decision if they are good at what they do and which vibration they carry into the reading.

As with anything in life, each client must do their due diligence to determine if they connect to the reader. That isn’t always possible when basing the choice on brief writing or even a public displayed general reading. The recipient needs to follow their intuition when selecting their reader.

Not only should a client use their intuition or inner-knowing, but they must be open to hearing the messages. The more open they are to the prediction, the easier it is for the translation that connects with the details. In addition, openness allows the client to hear if the information shared sounds accurate. Although it’s unexpected, the results will sound like a possibility. Keeping in mind that the client comes to the reader for a prediction and allowing the future flow to cast in is essential.

When listening to the interpretations and predictions, make certain they are inside their client’s world by sharing details that are key to letting the client know it is accurate. The past and present details should be identifiable to the client, and if so, then the chances of the future projection will also be able to fall into place.

As always, every person must use their inner guidance to create the outcome they want to come. Every person holds the power to change the result of the readings. Humans can release, remove, and create everything we want from within through our thinking.


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