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Celestial Muscle Arrives

Between April and October 2022, each zodiac sign will have more help from the heavenly planets. The celestial bodies will appear in synchronistic and humanist forms to give us the thumbs up for a forward movement. A psychic forecast.

What seemingly appeared as a weak moment, mercury in retrograde, took us backward in May once again. A quick review time gives us one more chance to reflect and decide if someone or something needs an adjustment. It may feel like one more burden with the sporadic juggling of airwaves distorting our electronics, automobiles, and heads, but it was a well-planned period of positivity.

We can often forget the removal cycle that is a significant benefit, not a hindrance. It can feel the opposite when we go through that backward shift; the challenges are destiny knocking at our door.

The year 2022 has irregular planetary shifts and four retrograde cycles. Why? It’s a complete ending and an opportunity for a new chapter. The full effects of positive flow will be between April and October when a tremendous amount of celestial muscle arrives, helping us start fresh.

Those unseen beautiful beings are pushing at our back door and whispering that it’s time to feel alive again, reminding us that the new beginning is coming with these four retrograde periods. We still have a choice in what direction to move.

Much like a chessboard filled with Queens, bishops, and pawns, we can strategically win by moving our pieces around one at a time, leading us to a win. It can feel jittery and even questionable as we walk through these energy shifts, but rest assured, there’s something grand when we win our game.

Throughout these highlighted months, spiritual senses will grow, and many will be using "Micro Vibes" to make a new lifestyle. Some will start from the bare roots and downsize to eliminate the old cycles. The basics of life’s comforts while paying off old bills, starting new careers with our unique skills, and choosing who will be in our lives for the next ten years.

Having our back doesn’t mean it will be easy peasy. Still, it does mean with some intellectual recharging, emotional balancing, and tapping into our valid identity; we can create what makes us happy. It’s an exciting time when we can do and have the parts of life we wanted before commitments came in and changed our world. When these glorious bodies surround us, the force that comes with them is immeasurable.

Look for the signs of lightheartedness, peace, and powerful meanings in synchronistic patterns. No matter what zodiac sign we are born under, each person with be surrounded by items, numbers, and animals. Nothing in life happens without a link to something else relevant. Every person and experience leads us to this new timeline, including love and relationships.

Laugh, enjoy, love!


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