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What to expect through the season of Taurus

Updated: Jan 7

Tree in springtime
Photo by Brandon Green | Unsplash

Taurus Season

April 20 - May 20, 2022

The season of Taurus begins on April 20th, 2022. It is a time to rest, relax, and focus our minds on the intentions that we want to grow. Spring is the breath of a new beginning as the bull sits on the tiny blades of grass to smell the fresh scents that bring us hope and rejuvenation.

While our Taurus babies can enjoy the calmness, we all must do the same. The concept of what it takes to nurture and create something new may seem to come naturally for this zodiac sign to grasp, but not always. Those who live more faithful to their rising or moon sign may need some help from our friends and family. Other zodiacs who have been working hard to make significant changes may need to repeat the words, “I am calm,” as they walk over to sit under the tree of life next to the bull.

For our Taurean earthbound zodiac sign, prosperity can come without effort because of their ability to keep their feet planted while being in the stars of imagination. These characteristics and traits can seem stubborn to those who don’t understand them; however, they are a wonder at staying on course. The starry skies are sending signals everyone will want to practice the art of patience, and we may need a little help from others. Enjoy the newfound soul communities to listen and enjoy the stories of life events to clear and keep chakras open.

What to expect through the season of Taurus

What to expect through the season of Taurus will be purely blissful. Expect All zodiacs to feel the season through their body in various ways. Many will have a heightened sense of smell, touch, and taste. Adding a new flavor to our food to enhance the pallet is strongly recommended. The invigorating lift will help to watch the progress of growth and re-birth through the end of June.

Absorption of the health benefits of the sun will seem to be a key to unlocking the new path that will soon emerge from the soils. All the hard work and overtime will begin to pay off for those focused on making changes. Enjoy indulging in foods high in vitamin C to help replenish the loss of vitamins that we may have done through inconsistent and poor eating habits since January.

It will highlight walking to get the body softly moving at the right pace for each person. It will help clear out the lungs and the stagnant energy and open the mind to see the prosperity slowly approaching this year. Loosening the muscle to prepare for a work-balance life and much-needed endurance as we roll into the next zodiac season.

Look for simplicity in a new hairstyle, clothing, and overall appearance. Set time aside to get a massage and move the stagnant elements that create physical chaos with our muscles and body. A cleansing of the body and soul will be of significant importance at this time. Schedule an Energy Clearing and rejuvenation session that will help speed things along.

Over the next four weeks, all zodiac signs that practice patience, balance, focus, and mental clarity will feel a positive effect during this season. Between the new moon on April 30th and the full moon on May 16th, we will start feeling more energy than the weeks prior.

Spring will transform the tiny seeds under the ground, and the sprout will pop up soon after. Embrace this season to get what many have been asking for and needed—a break filled with lighthearted entertainment, simplicity, and fun.

Grass in Taurus
Photo by Ascending Souls Journey | Canva

To all those under the zodiac sign of Taurus, we wish you a very happy birthday.


Ascending Souls Journey ~ Lori Ann

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