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Empowering Women Reap Spiritual Rewards

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

by LA Gonzales

photo by Becca Tapert

Everywhere we turn, inspiring messages appear from women to other women in every avenue of life. Generously extending words to give awareness, the truth in every direction arrives through writing, songs, photos, and comments. Evolving women continue to give each other a pat on the back or a perception to consider that can help in life and their spiritual journey.

Over the past few years, women have been sharing experiences with both negative and positive outcomes. They are reaching out to thousands with daring, brave life moments that enhance improvement and transform others into empowering themselves.

Telling stories of harrowing life experiences that made them realize the inner power lost is now found again, they pay it forward. When we hear journals that touch our minds and heart, it's a guarantee there will be something changing in us.

"Spiritual karma always returns ten fold."

Heartbreaking stories come from the women we, as a society, love the most. Oprah Winfrey is an astonishing inspiration to women across the world. She has shared her story of victimization to victory to make sure women know no matter what we've been through, we have the strength to turn our life into something better. Not only did she heal and conquer the adversities she faced, but she is also known as one of the most famous and wealthiest women in our history.

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Togetherness and unity have brought women to new heights in careers, relationships, and self-love. They are famous for the actions they brought forth to make a connection with other women and make changes in the world. These faithful leaders know that every ordinary woman can be extraordinary through their choices. We aren't referring to a short-term argument. It's a lifelong fight that brings truth into the open until justice returns.


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Leaders and well-known public figures give the quotes to let others know it was a challenging climb, but the goal is obtainable. Achievements come when we receive accurate information, have openness to ideas, a willingness to change, a passion for persevering, and an emotional attachment to keeping our hearts open to what will arrive.

photo by J. Balla Photography


Empowered Women Know

  • Businesses don't flourish just because they've been open to the public.

  • Motherhood doesn't just happen because the children are born.

  • Sisterhood doesn't just "click" together because there is a group of women.

It takes a strong woman to succeed in any new beginning. Each precious moment of life events brings a balance of the mind, body, and spirit creating empowerment. We can begin by reviewing and understanding the main focus areas, as shown below.



Feed the mind, Heal the body, Grow the soul.
An Inspiring quote for empowerment from LA Gonzales

Hi lovely souls,

As a spiritual and intuitive empowerment coach, there is always a way to expand our awareness and improve our quality of life.

My recommendation on how to gain clarity, balance, focus, and complete one cycle of experiences.


An empowered woman knows to feed her mind with facts, figures, and real-life information. The knowledge brings her to a higher place within the soul. Enhancing her confidence, she can watch her inner beauty shine into something spectacular: wisdom, intellect, and truth total one-third of her influential achievements.


Healing and maintaining proper health of the bodies is connected to wisdom. Learning the how-to's on endurance, nutrition, exercise, and staying strong mentally, emotionally, and spiritually takes patience and persistence. Effort and action bring in one-third more toward achieving her goal.


A woman's soul defines her character. Deep inner beliefs reveal to others who she is and where she's going. These areas include; strength, determination, and will. Calm, vulnerable, bold, and brash are the variety of benefits that lay within the spirit, totaling one-third of the attributions of her success.

Intuition is a crucial element inspiring women to become fully empowered. Combining natural human aspects with spiritual possibility swirls to give guidance on the what, who, when, and why in each of life's arenas.

Women who combine the three components and their intuitive side become complete. When one piece is missing or partially available, the walls of her foundation can change, even fall


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apart. Any gaps allow negative people, places, and vibrations to enter, creating an imbalance in some or every area.

The imbalance can toggle decisions and take us into stagnation. The lack of movement brings in low vibrations making us pace the floor as our intuition calls us to take action. With no action, there will be no victorious ending. Through the imbalance, perseverance and spiritual interconnection push us forward. Leaders in every niche know this is the time to research and gain more information. Only then will they be able to make the altering choice to hit their mark with a successful outcome.

So many of our world's exciting top women have paved the way for all others to follow. Overcoming obstacles included insults, degradation, humiliation, and implications that they weren't good enough to receive approval from anyone. These obstacles pushed the empowered to pick themselves up and continue their pursuit, winning them attributes as one of society's best.

Here are some of our world's fully empowered women with quotes reminding us of what they went through and accomplished.

As we move into a world-changing to be balanced and equal, we all have a role to fill. Every woman can make changes by sharing their empowering beliefs by standing up as an activist,


comedian, athlete, and actress or raising the future leader in society. Whatever we feel and intuitively know, the world awaits hearing from us.

Share your story with others on Ascending Empaths Podcast or The Ascending Times Podcast. Whether we are empathic individuals or someone standing for a cause, these podcasts want to help share your story of empowerment. Please send your email to


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