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A Spiritual Roadmap Of Must haves in 2023

Updated: Jan 12

by Ascending Souls Journey

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photo by Adnan Mistry

photo by Adnan Mistry

Spiritual Roadmap

Some items are necessary for the new year ahead if we design a spiritual roadmap to personal success. 2023 will be a year to celebrate and move into a healthy lifestyle promoting personal growth and Empowerment. A promising debut for anyone who has done their spiritual shadow work to gain awareness of who we are and what we want.

A delightfully exciting time to enhance and empower our mind, body, and soul to grab newfound security. Making our lists and checking them twice or thrice to build a life we love is vital to hitting our goals. As we know, the list is the easy part. Writing down every detail with specific time frames, yet keeping an open mind on the accurate timing, creates our spiritual roadmap. Once we've created an empowering guide, following through is crucial to get results and a non-altering amount of faith.

We've put together a list of 15 "must-have" items to get the new year's bells ringing.

1. A quiet place to connect our mind, body, and soul.

The wellness world has blossomed over the past few years, emphasizing the importance of internal balance. The deeply built-in knowledge we have lies between our logic and emotions. There are multiple ways to accomplish this goal; however, we must be at peace to find the solution. Confusing yet true. One of the fastest ways to find inner knowledge is by separating ourselves from everything. A quiet and safe place where we can escape from outside noise, the kiddos running around, and our beloved fur babies sniffing under the door. Focusing on ourselves is a high priority daily to obtain peace and self-guidance. Making a unique area that is only for us becomes our sanctuary. Inhibitions, big or small, slip away while we align our inner connection to our inner core. There is where we find the answers we need to become successful in any area of life. (webinar)


2. A list of goals for the year.

Creating a list and checking it twice is a dynamic way to start the year. By deep diving into our soul, we can find areas of life we want to change, eliminate, and succeed. The trick to successfully using the list is in the details. More precisely, we are helping to lock the visual objective into our unconscious mind. Best practices include:

  • knowing what we want, when we want it

  • how to obtain it,

  • taking action,

  • Undoubting trust.

Deciphering our yearly goals brings clarity and purpose together. Join "The Art Of Manifesting" webinar to learn more about goal setting and to make our dreams come true.

3. Mentors

Find a person who gives inspiration. Each area of life includes Spirituality, a healthy lifestyle, mental and emotional enlightenment, and relationships. Search for those that touch the soul and intuitively connect with the same beliefs as you do. (Visit our communities and see if it feels right to join)

4. Oracle deck for daily balance.

Inspiration keeps us in a higher state of mind, thus giving us a higher advantage in getting what we want and need. With a wide variety of Oracle cards covering different categories of life, the goal is to find one deck that encompasses everything—bringing in optimism through visuals, colors, numbers, and definitions, particularly with a generalized meaning that can apply based on perception.

When pulling a daily card from a well-rounded deck, our thoughts or asking a question aloud while displaying the depictions can be translated by the initiators directly. Perception based on what we see will help bypass or bring in positivity.

A daily oracle message with guidance for grounding, balance, focus, and empowerment.
Rising Oracle Deck by Ascending Souls Journey


by Ascending Souls Journey

The daily oracle deck is filled with grounding, balance, focus, and empowerment messages.

(See our specialized deck for the wellness of the mind, body, and soul - pre-sale begins soon.)

5. Positive words for inspiration

Daily word focus cards and Short reads to keep that energy high and abundance will surely follow. Listening to our accomplished niche or a survivor's story will help us see that portion of life differently. When we hear about an inspiring person who has overcome victimization to victory, it will light a fire under our feet that ascends and empowers our souls.

6. Reading material to keep the brain happy

Staying informed, finding laughter, and opening our hearts can be easily found through the fantastic writing of books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Kendra Winchester of Bookriot wrote an article stating, "At their best, audiobooks give stories an added layer of intimacy and emotion to a book that creates a beautiful listening experience."

Whether enhancing the imagination or growing the practice of listening, books, and reading material in all forms is a high priority this year. We are in The Ascending Times, where their ultimate focus will be feeding the mind the nutrients we need to stay smart. A healthy mind creates a healthy lifestyle. (try our recommendation, Micro Vibes by LA Gonzales)

Ebook on Amazon
Micro Vibes by LA Gonzales

Micro Vibes

by LA Gonzales

When we understand our spiritual and human interconnections, we become human lie detectors. Find toxicity before it blocks abundance and create a prosperous life you love.

7. Radio and podcast shows

Listening to updates and motivational stories can push us to move in the right direction, and radio and podcast shows can do just that. It is essential to choose the areas that will benefit us most; however, variation is also important. Search for several options such as; comedy, inspiration, Music, motivational shows, or anything that makes us want to continue toward our goals. Make sure to include the following to your list of favorites.

The first will be for enlightenment and inspiration to keep your vitality high and proper wellness. As we move further into The Ascending Times, staying in a positive frame of thinking and balancing our lives is more important than ever.

The second is for world events. Keeping up to date with new facets in the economy, health, and life can easily be found through an excellent podcast or talk show. An audio version we can listen to on the way to work gives us the content needed to make better life choices. We can find a digital lifestyle publication, such as The Ascending Times, to keep current with articles and information that follows new ideologies.

The third is for Spirituality. Continuing our spiritual journey to stay aligned with the unseen and going beyond where we are today. With each newly expressed interconnection, we can unite with like-minded people on an ascending journey.

Laugh, cry, and feel the stories as empaths and intuitives share life tragedies and enlightenment moments.
Ascending Empaths Podcast with LA Gonzales

Ascending Empaths Podcast

with LA Gonzales

Stories and interviews with guests who are empaths and intuitive that have overcome challenges.

Laugh, cry, and raise your voice together as we hear their inspiring messages.

Listen on Iheartradio, Spotify, and more.

8. Nightstand Notebook

Place a journal on your nightstand to write down feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Some of our most famous creations, writings, inventions, and ideas come through early in the morning. Most of us have had those days we wake up from seeing an image through a dream and often forget what it was by the time we put our feet on the ground. Even a quick trip to the bathroom can send that incredible feeling or idea into a fogged-up plateau that's no longer in our consciousness. Keeping a journal on the nightstand to quickly jot it down can help to review those spiritual dew drops from leaving us and review them later. We only know where they can lead us if we remember.

9. Find people you can trust

Give and take is equal. Pets or people. Find a group of like-minded people, but make sure you want to participate. Being a "looky-lieu" will create frustration, so ensure you are ready and want to contribute. The fastest way to feel neglected is by watching and not taking action. (Join our community)

10. New courses and classes to learn new skills and life facts

Many workshops, courses, and classes can get our motors purring toward an ascending path. Paid programs are of value if it's the right fit for our life and Soul purpose. If we invest in a non-accredited program, we must be willing to accept the information that will give us knowledge but not necessarily a paying opportunity. Many free certification classes and courses are still available today. Research, research again, then make the choice that suits your life. (Visit our courses or check out —, for a variation)


11. Personal mantra, quote, or affirmations

To affirm each day our beliefs and desires. Oxford dictionary summarized Matra as a statement or slogan we repeat frequently. No matter our traditions, religions, and beliefs, "I Am" is an intro title that instills positivity and opens us to possibility. Completing the mantra with words reflecting our inner wisdom increases self-confidence and grows self-love awareness. Reprogramming negativity can benefit us tenfold by creating a mantra that works for us. (See our mantras for each zodiac sign to start a productive process)

12. A look we love

Hairstyles, wardrobe, and anything else we present to others must make us feel our best. Getting a fresh newness can be an immediate step toward abundance. Something incredible happens to us when we get that new hairstyle. Trimming off the old prickly dead tips and adding brilliance through color and highlights are uplifting. Trying a brand-unique style recommended by a specialist can change our appearance by looking younger and giving an added healthy glow. Find a trending style in Southern Livings article; These Haircuts Are Going To Be Huge In 2023.

Finding the clothes that we wear vs. the clothes wearing us creates a compelling sense of Empowerment that radiates positive vibes to others. The year ahead is beckoning us to "do it differently," where our personalized look will speak for us. According to a recent article by Orlin Carlin of Hello Magazine, "slouchy, oversized blazers" from the past are returning with welcoming applause. The versatile style hides a few feminine secret flaws, giving a refreshing boost of confidence.

13. New healthy maintenance plan

We all are aware property nutrition is a good thing. Not only can it keep us living longer, but the improved quality of life is also worth the change. Family meals and solo eaters can enjoy the sultry provocative array of delicious food. Adding sauces and drizzles to finish a master chef dish can change our mood instantly.

Don't stop there; continue with a program to keep our lungs open, and functioning may just tune the DM and DF inside. Whether it's jogging, tennis, or talk walking with a group in the park, the inner joy shines.

14. Volunteering or donations

The year will empower us to give freely to others; however, we must keep the proportions balanced. Being a humanitarian never means we offer more than we have. No more handing over the clothes we wear daily, given what we know is affordable. Whether it is time, items, money, or starting a non-profit organization, giving is a must-have in 2023.


Ascending Souls Journey - 2023 Empowerment Package


15. Supporting Small Businesses

As seen, the changes that have happened over the past decade have created havoc for our small businesses. Our favorite pizza parlor, grocery store, and creators all around need our support to keep the doors open and continue to grow the collective consciousness groups. Giving ratings with value and thumbs up will help keep the global voices alive and thriving.

Putting this list into place will set it up to hit the hit new with higher confidence and endurance. Both are a necessity to getting to our destination.

Use our guidelines to begin your personal 2023 spiritual roadmap to success. Add to it anything your intuition inspires you to create the life you love.



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