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Empowered Tigers

Empowerment Comes In Tiny Packages

Empowerment comes in many tiny packages, each filled with details to help in specific areas of our lives. Communication is one of the beautiful gifts we have to gain what we want. Our voice falls into the empowerment category of different levels and encompasses judgment and justice. Verbally, we hold so much power that we create change just in our words.

When we speak up, write a comment, and even a thumbs-up on a video, we are “rattling the cage” of a sleeping tiger. A courageous and fierce side of ourselves is now waking from a slumber that may have lasted years or decades—possibly a lifetime of repressed feelings creating mental and emotional deprivation.

Voicing what we think is a sweet intricate piece that enables us to bring logic and turn it into gain. We regain an inner strength to find the most logical way to win without a fight while standing in a stance if needed. With each vocal gesture and tone we choose to use, we shift our energy vibrations interconnected to the universal flow around us. The shifting creates a place where we can feel joy or pain - judgment. and a disastrous form of justice that we all can fear. However, both can bring in the results we desire. It can also usher in the awful role of karma.

Karma glides in and out of us, bouncing to others from the tone we speak and the silent, hidden thoughts we harbor. Many have associated it with the negativity directed at us for doing something wrong or inappropriate. Invisible sentencing goes on until we recognize the truth behind the judgment.

How We Control Karma

If we allow others to harm us, believing the karma will be delivered to them, we may forget or not realize it generally comes back toward us at the same time, not necessarily in a point-blank obvious way, but in a simpler internal form that can knock us to our knees. Watching the perpetrator walking around and enjoying life while we are picking up the pieces and feeling the aftermath of the silent war that took place. The silence of a tiger can be quite good and equally filled with fear. The karmic debt of guilt, shame, and emptiness are also targets for deep pain. Not only for us but those we love around us.

Empowerment can only be returned when we, individually, pull back and find the karmic debt that we must pay. Learning the lesson and standing tall in accountability that maybe had we said something; it may have been different.

Perhaps if we were the ones dominating the situation through our silence, the results may have been a win-win situation. Although we all have different versions of reality inside of us and the lives we’ve built, this is a point where the realization based on the event will give the answer. Repetitive cycles are the beginning of figuring out our personal puzzle. The “what, who, and why’s” begin to take shape and lead us to see we decide the universal laws of positivity by not using our voice. Thus, creating a new repetitive cycle that has kept so many from reaching their desired goals.

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