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Women Fight In Equality

Women can be anything they want in life, or at least that is what society is saying; however, at what price to pay?

Society has grown into adopting new ideas to help innovate our women in business. Emphasizing they are eligible to create their forms of entrepreneurship and take it farther than some can imagine. Many of our readers are women business owners and feel the complete freedom of contributing to society with their ideas, concepts, and talent. But at what price have they had to pay?

The past decades have shown that women can be a mother, work outside the home, and manage the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and family organizing successfully. The strength of our ladies pushes to the brim as they are required to take on more than their share of responsibilities, still filled with struggles and rewards.

The good stuff has shown up with moms being able to work and find a way to be involved in their children's lives. They are actively promoting their young to grow into new future leaders. The versatile feminine can vary, leaving many proud to say they've accomplished an incredible feat.

Ladies from all over the world still face giving up something to get the privilege of being a modern-day mom and successful woman. Some of our readers have partnered with someone who backed them up to be productive, while others did not. Partnered, single, or in toxic relationships, each woman has had to give more than the outside eye can see.

Leaders in our industry, teachers training our children, and business owners giving employment to others can be part of a bigger picture of molding our modern world. Ascending to higher levels of life and yet still fighting for the same equality as our modern males lead us to ask, are they still fighting the stigma of having to fight for women's rights?

Business Insider recently published "Ex-Google Tech Lead Brags About Trashing Female Coders Resumes." It stated that a male business leader proudly announced he would throw away women's resumes that came in for job openings. He even expressed women had no place in their industry, let alone touching modern coding and technology. His ultra egotistical power created a dominating opinion that prevented a woman from entering that organization based solely on their gender.

It may seem natural to hear this type of chauvinistic garbage as it has been happening for as long as we've been born. The irony is that these anti-feminine rats generally have one or more women behind them to keep their lives in order. The mother of adult sexists, the wives, girlfriends, and friends that always seem to do everything for this disgraceful bigot continue to support them. These types should be on the list of predators that intensionally hurt women for fun of it, like a sporting game.

Indeed, some modernized men take on all the responsibilities of life without having a woman on any level behind them - free to roam and claim independence. The likelihood of them having no female around is still slim, at least up to the world changes of 2020 when COVID rattled our society. An unseen force pushed both sexes to separate from those who supported them.

Two years after the tearing down our methods and harmful contributors to our society, the spotlight is shining on anti awareness. The movements include anti-racism, anti-slavery, anti-hate, and other dangerous labels attached to our females. Many others are on a long list of discriminations that have caused a vast divide.

Awareness has grown, and women are starting to see isolation as a hidden blessing. As the light shuns the manist that has run rampant through the years, women have become more powerful.

Gaining new skills, learning self-defense, and awareness of the unique heightened senses, our females are stepping up to accept the rewards of centuries of fighting to be seen, heard, and thrive. New women's empowerment groups are developing to work side-by-side with the internal power given to all our ladies.

Has the fight ended?

As the world opens a gate that highlights those discriminating characters, we must ask if the fight for female equality is over? Through our female eyes awakened to these predators, we can see the answer is no. If we are working with or under an anti-feminine who still holds unwarranted power to cause damage to others, the fight continues. We still need to push to pull out the masked words that disguise the truth beneath and expose it to others.

It may be that our women are now getting equal pay and attributes in some areas of life; however, the loss it takes to get these kudos still exist.

Women going through divorces in some male-dominated regions are losing money to pay for attorneys to represent them at a more extensive price than the person they're leaving. The time off to get some quality self-enhancement time may be there for some, while most women are working harder than before COVID, now earning less pay. The mothers who have taken on all responsibilities no longer have time to focus on higher education. At the same time, their partner is put in a higher status to obtain their degree and be the family leader.

Many other examples of women still face today, including the females fighting to keep the old traditions of putting these male chauvinistic pigs front and center. The difference is that our empowered women now realize groups can overpower female abusers. Not one, but all together as one, will put the equal in our feminists. Power exists in every woman. The ownership of influential qualities is to use them to their full potential without giving them away. The movement continues to bring full equality to women. It is not against the men who exist to support them, but rather anyone who tries to disqualify their contributions and existence as powerful unique women.

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