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Zodiac Spiritual Calling

Updated: Jan 12

A sign showing our spiritual direction
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Each person has a spiritual calling with a part to play in solving problems and creating new concepts to initiate a better life and the world. Our angels and guides help us find the best experience in our lives to produce money and inner freedom, and through the situation, we find our true soul purpose.

Zodiac Spiritual Calling

As we go through life's journey, we encounter situations that steal our joy, deplete our resources, and create blockages giving a shallow glimpse of the soul's mission. At a low vibration level, we can forget our positive attributes and become stuck in daily challenges, imbalanced thinking, and confusion in understanding our true zodiac spiritual calling.

Even when we can see what is ahead, our emotions step into play and often lead us in a similar direction but not entirely on track, which can cause havoc in our mental, emotional, physical, romantic, and financial areas. No matter where we are today, by walking in the direction that we chose to create before birth, we can increase our awareness and move into something better.



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As time has sped up at a faster-than-normal pace, we may be at a spiritual crossroads. There is no need for panic; we can change our course of direction if we choose. Although we must bring our purpose into reality from our own consciousness, we've compiled a quick reminder for each zodiac sign of the positive attributes and challenges to help awaken the spirit within to reflectivity and create balance. In addition, we've added the primary spiritual calling to be enhanced to suit each person to move into and beyond their current path and complete their life and Soul purpose.

The overall guided calling is a foundation for where to begin and grow. Through deep meditation, we can focus on the listed purpose and see further with the unique inner connection how it can be achieved. The path we see during the session will be right for our personality and divine calling.

Zodiac Signs' Main Attributes, Challenges, and Spiritual Purpose

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Positive: Fun-loving and want to laugh their way through life. Excellent with people and intuitively know what to say at the right moment.

Challenge: Because people adore them, they can envelop arrogance, especially when someone steals the limelight away from them.

Soul Purpose: Create a balance from arrogance to openness. They are meant to use their public front to help others step into their own growth and create unity in large non-judgemental groups.


Positive: Devoted to excellence in everything, with the ability to create a financially stable environment.

Challenge: Driven by ego and expect to be showered with praise from everyone at all times.

Soul's Purpose: Balance ego and open-heartedness to share their ways of creating stability with egocentrism.


Positive: Highly intelligent and spiritually gifted allowing them to be stable and self-reliant. Challenge: Allowing outsiders to interfere creates an imbalance between two minds making harsh snap decisions that negatively impact loved ones and those around them.

Soul's Purpose: Balance logic and heart to stand in a conviction without being swayed to make decisions for the benefit of others and themselves.


Positive: Filled with love, lighthearted fun, and excellent listeners.

Challenge: Easily manipulated, hurt feelings, self-sabotaging, and demanding others love them the same way.

Soul's Purpose: Balance emotions with affirming self-love using listening skills to help others open their hearts again.

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Positive: Dynamic swayer of large groups and influential people to create a protected environment filled with laughter and happiness.

Challenge: Lack of compassion and self-centered mindset, often leaving others in the cold who don't give constant adoration.

Soul's Purpose: To be a fearless leader of many people giving them direction to spread out and empower others.


Positive: Highly intuitive and organized with a gentle and positive upbeat vibration.

Challenge: Extremely methodical and get lost in trying to be a perfectionist, in turn, pushes others away.

Soul's Purpose: To become balanced and accept weaknesses, teaching others to do the same.


Positive: Excellent communicator with a powerful charm, captivating the hearts of many to be neutral.

Challenge: A tendency to avoid disruption through imbalance to keep the peace, even if it includes deception.

Soul's Purpose: To stay balanced within, be authentic and truthful and become an authentic leader in initiating world peace.


Positive: Persuasive and perceptive, they can change a negative situation into a positive one.

Challenge: Overconfident to hide insecurities through manipulation to get what they want.

Souls Purpose: To transform their thinking and be genuine and responsible for changing people and the earth


Positive: Cast sparkly persuasion through speaking that makes others feel good.

Challenge: Needing to be the center of attention leads to jealousy and initiates manipulation for their gain.

Souls Purpose: Align and speak truthful words from the heart to help heal others.


Positive: Ability to create stability by sharing intellect, secrets, and imagination with others.

Challenge: Giving to the wrong situations, becoming depleted, developing depression and addictions.

Soul's Purpose: Remove toxicity in mind, body, and spirit and teach others to follow their lead to a positive outcome.


Positive: Highly intuitive and ultra-sensitive to others, giving all their resources to create peace and harmony.

Challenge: Tendency to give to the wrong people creating lack, distrust, and masking to show emotions and be uninhibited to share freely.

Souls Purpose: To give to the right people with an open heart and lead large groups to initiate world peace and harmony.


Positive: Natural kindness with soft-spoken words promoting joy and laughter to people they care about.

Challenge: Often overgive without receiving, causing imbalance, isolation, and self-sabotaging habits hurtful to all they love.

Soul's Purpose: Use intuitive abilities to heal their mind and heart and help humanity through instructional inspiration.

Now is the time to overcome challenges and do our best to join the collective consciousness in helping humanity in our life and spiritual calling.

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