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10 Signs Scorpio Moon Is Happening

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Awareness is one of the biggest obstacles we can face. If we can't see the truth, we can't live in reality. Without the reality of who and what we think, feel, and others around us, we can find ourselves moving in a backward circle of life motion. The past will forever return to haunt us through our unconscious minds, and empowerment feels lost—spiritual enlightenment.

Photo by Christian Buehner; Unsplash

Bobbles of a traumatic episode will resurface, but not in an obvious way. Spiritually, it creeps in as a glimpse of someone we know while listening to a different person. Dangling in the back of our thinking for minutes, hours, and days to come, we unconsciously think of the experience. If we miss the warnings, it can create confusion and turmoil.

These unidentified connections can create havoc in our lives. It may be in one area, if not all at once. Love, finances, career, family, and even our homes can all suddenly go in a backward direction or fall apart together. Anything built out of malice, falseness, or not meant to be will quickly dissolve, often without any warning other than our inner psychic sending messages through our physical body. What falls apart will leave pieces to remove or repair based on the ending.

Here are some ideas of what may occur during this time:

  • Romantic partners say they are done putting effort in and walk away.

  • Business partnerships quickly dissolve.

  • Money becomes tied up or removed.

  • Educational needs and requirements become scattered and removed.

  • Health needs rise to a high point forcing us to seek a professional.

  • Families and friends will be unavailable and disconnected.

  • Projects become distorted where revising or eliminating will be obvious.

The universe pushes us to release by sending hints through others. The traumas don't affect others, only us who lived through the situation. Unseen cords of help lay in front of us to say; clip it, cut it, and clear it away, and something better will finally arrive. Energy cords are one more link that secretly ties to go farther or stay in the backward circle. The choice is ours to make.


The Scorpio full moon is the clipping cycle, but not an easy one to see. A transformational moment where things will fall when we least expect it. There are ashes of a life surrounding us, waiting for us to push through them and take hold of what we can now. Nurture and grow the new birth and make it the best new chapter of our lives.

10 Signs it is time to Cut the invisible energy cords.

  1. Unexplainable emotional outbursts of crying or inner weeping arrive. It will feel like an unseen cord is pulling our chest downward toward our feet; one tug followed by another.

  2. Memories of someone or something that left us feeling unwanted and rejected will be in our thoughts.

  3. A feeling of defeat, but still not accepting that it is valid.

  4. Butterflies, dragonflies, and other animal species are continuously in our path.

  5. Consistent, repetitive number sequences show throughout the day.

  6. An inner voice pops up while we are working on something important. The words can be discouraging or encouraging; however, they will be in multiple communication attempts.

  7. Mentally in a dream state and having difficulty focusing.

  8. A sense of being raw and authentic in an empowering state fills in gaps left open by releasing the old.

  9. A desire to go farther than before, filled with determination, and a silent state of being stuck stays within.

  10. Visions or glimpses of achieving our goals arise when we ask the universe for help.

There are ways to disconnect the interconnection to the past, and with this moon cycle, it may be a heavy energy vibration than other full moons. The Scorpio moon is the transformation time of the year when the dead rises to the surface. The past haunts us and reminds us to be more robust and more powerful in our human lives. Use the moon and universal energies to assist in clearing and cutting the experiences that are no longer meant to continue.

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"Feed the Mind - Heal the Body - Grow the Soul"

~ LA Gonzales


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