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A Mother's Divine Link

"I Picked You"

Four-year-old Tammy sat at the kitchen table working on her coloring masterpiece.

Her tongue pressed to the corner of her mouth while listening to her mother and sister Janie having a conversation standing at the counter. They laughed and had fun while working on a new flavored coffee creation.

Frolicking, they heard the whispers of the little girl at the table.

Tammy’s soft voice said, “That’s why I picked you.”

Mom and Janie looked at each other in bewilderment. “What do you mean?” mom asked, as her head tilted in curiosity.

Tammy looked at her mom as her tiny hand lifted while she pointed her finger toward the ceiling. “When I was up there, I watched you laugh with Janie like you are now, so I picked you,” she said while looking back at the colored drawing. “I picked you to be my mommy because I liked how you were a mommy to her,” she replied again.

Mom and Janie’s mouths opened as they looked at each other in awe.

Mom said, “what are you talking about?”

Tammy continued to color and shared a conversation that her mom and sister had. She stated they were chasing each other, blowing bubbles, and playing a game. She described what they were wearing and what home they lived in, and further details.

The child shared an experience with them and accurately described a conversation from years ago. As she finished her last sentence, Tammy said, “that’s why I wanted you to be my mommy, so I picked you.”

Mom and Janie looked back at each other, turning their heads away from the table. They whispered back and forth and realized it was an actual situation and home that happened years before Tammy was born.

“How did you know about that? We’ve never told you about it and haven’t spoken of it in years,” mom asked as she glanced back at Tammy.

“The angel told me to tell you. I forgot, and she reminded me,” Tammy said.

“What angel”? Janie asked.

“The one sitting on the chair over there, silly,” as Tammy pointed to an empty chair across the room. “Can’t you see her? - she’s right there,” she said with a sincere look and returned to her artwork. “ “She watches over both of you - that’s how I saw you before I was born.”

Mom looked at Janie, who now had laid her fingers across her mouth in dismay. “I guess it is true - we pick our parents,” said mom, as they both became silent and stared at Tammy while she continued her project at the table.

This story was a true-life situation when the world began to realize the spiritual aspect of the mother and child bonds. A phenomenal experience that all family members will never forget.

Divine Links

The spiritual connection we have with our children is an unbreakable bond. These connections are so deep they penetrate our souls, and we feel the with our children. Even for those children lost through childbirth, they still entwine us, often triggering us to a divine path.

Our destiny in human life links with our divine plan, including our mothers and what we learn from them. One that is well thought out, and much preparation takes place before we even know we are about to give birth to a beautiful creation that holds unique healing and soul growth capacity.

A mapping of the teaching we are meant to give to our children. Some may seem negative, particularly for those who grew up in dysfunctional households, while others may seem quite optimistic. No matter what the human translation is, the relationship holds a purpose.

Our children pick us to be their moms so they can fulfill their spiritual learning from someone they know will guide them to success. Through the laughter and tears of growing pains in the human world, our babies will choose to complete their souls’ chapter and move forward.

The lessons we learn on earth don’t mean they’re always joyful. The plan may include problematic experiences, too. Whatever our baby soul needs to know comes from our connection with our mothers. These teaching help us as it becomes tough to fight battles, stay strong, remain on the course of our mission, and find balance through emotional experiences where discernment is needed. There are many others; each is part of our detailed plan.

Mother’s Requirements

All mothers fulfill the requirements for the child; however, it may not seem like it. Our children and moms can take a lifetime to understand this remarkable attachment to motherhood. While our child learns their teachings, it is also a part of moms to learn from the experience.

The responsibilities of motherhood can feel like a thankless journey as we give selflessly or the most beautiful thing as we look into their eyes and feel love. Through years of sacrifice, our moms give us everything we need to reach high levels of success. The hard part of the interconnection is learning lessons. It can drive a wedge between moms and their children until both sides have seen the reason for the pre-planned picking.

To the children of mothers who brought negative experiences, you’ve become a master at handling toxicity, which holds the ultimate value in your life and soul’s purpose. Walk with honor knowing you have gained, and continue to remember the lessons while creating harmony for others. Your human life will emerge in beauty—a robust flowering of empowerment that shares your genuine success from now on.

To mothers that survived struggles and challenges with the child who didn’t understand the sacrifices made through their upbringing. Know that they will someday understand the values taught when the lessons you presented adhere to their minds and bodies. No matter how far apart, you will feel the tugging of the spiritual bonding and completion, allowing inner peace of a job well done.

To all mothers, grandmothers, and daughters, we wish you to celebrate the joys that have come by being a part of the plan. Understanding the divine link gives us a choice to be in each other lives and leads to a glorious outcome.

Your children picked you because they already loved you, and forever the love will grow.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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