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Replacing negative to positive.

There are times in life we can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Being caught up in the fast-paced lives, we've created around us can put a heavy load on our thoughts and decisions making. If we aren't focused and clear, we can make choices that create negative feelings, thus producing the same low vibrational results—a negative outcome.

Have you ever heard yourself thinking negatively about yourself? Perhaps when you last looked in the mirror, you felt something innocent as "I look tired." If we continue to believe we are tired, over time, those thoughts can be suppressed into our subconscious mind, producing negative situations in our real life. It is true! "What we think; we create" into our own experience—both the positive and negative.

By focusing our mind in a new positive direction, we can begin to reprogram our thoughts, thereby feeling more confident in ourselves, resulting in a positive outcome. If we think we will fail, then we'll start to believe it. Embedding it deeply in our subconscious mind, and eventually falling. Although there may be much inner work that needs to happen for a person to come from a place of "Low" vibration and move to a permanent place of High" vibration, the first step is through Affirmations.

Affirmations are phrases, one word, or short sentences that reflect positive comments into positive thinking programming. Remember when you were in school preparing for a test. You would repeat the questions over and over and over, memorizing the answer with it. You were embedding it into your subconscious mind. That's how easy it is to begin to change negative thinking and reprogram your mind.

In addition to making healthy changes, taking healthy risks, get the certification, take the programs others or I offer. Confidence and Direction will begin.

Write out your affirmations on small strips of paper that are easy to tape or place in areas will you will see them. My daughter used to write them in lipstick on her bathroom mirror. They stayed there for a long time for her to see them.

Place your Affirmations anywhere you would typically be, such as, on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car dash, coffee pot, computer, or anywhere you will be in the area. The purpose is when you have any form of fear, anxiety, worry, or need to feel lifted, anywhere you turn, there will be an affirmation. Below are some examples for you to add as you find more that make you feel like the unique person you are! Are you ready to start replacing that negativity and make some positive energy?

· I am Lovable

· I enjoy giving & receiving

· I am Loving

· I deserve Love

· Hug a tree

· Smile at a random stranger

· Music makes me happy

· I believe in me

· I am a Divine Being

· I am Abundant

· I Do Believe!

· I am worth the effort

· I am never alone

· I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me

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Much Love ~ Lori Ann

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