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Arch Angel Michael

Updated: Jan 12

An angel watching over earth
photo by Julia Kadel, Unsplash

Spiritual Intuitive Talk

As we walk through our day, cleaning the counters and looking through the mail, we may feel like someone is watching us, perhaps standing behind our backs. It is a subtle yet very powerful feeling that spiritual senses are around, guiding us in a specific direction.

Arch angels, angels, and the unseen presence of something nearby are generally not seen but felt. We can see colors change and orbs float right in front of us, and we have an inner knowing what is being witnessed is beyond our human lives. The trickling of a light feather gently gliding across our shoulders or an invisible hand touching our face can make us go bonkers yet bring comfort in an unexplainable phenomenon.


Arch Angel Michael

As we move through 2023, expect to encounter these miraculous experiences. Practice calling out for guidance and protection while making important decisions and changes. Our guides, guardians, and angels are always nearby; however, they can't interfere with free will. They may send the synchronicities and their favorite angel numbers to remind us they are waiting in the wings if needed. We can be absorbed with the beautiful interconnection and still stay in a halting pattern unless we call them in for assistance.

If we are still connected to a spiritual contract with those negative karmic ties, they can help us remove the unseen energy that keeps us locked into the person or experience. There are many ways to call upon them for guidance. We can use prayer, meditation, and anytime we are alone and go within. They are beautiful and seemingly delicate, but the truth is, they are more powerful than we think. We also hold similar powers, but most of us became disconnected from them in our younger life.

Karmic Clearing and Soul Contracts - play to hear more.

If you are around children, particularly under five years old, you may see them laughing and giggling. Sometimes it is pretended, but when you ask them who they are speaking with and they say the angel, if there is an angel nearby, it will send a quick raise of the hairs on your back to reinforce that they are real.

Our entire life has spiritual blessings and unseen forces around us. Whether it be our brotherly protector, Arch Angel Michael, or any others, the energy is different than our own. Each person has energy vibrations that are unique to only them, like a fingerprint. When dealing with Arch Angel Micheal's presence, it will feel like a warrior taking control of what we need. When he has completed his time with us, he gives us something special to remember him. While we move forward in faith that all our needs are taken care of, pay attention to the air around you. A quick moment of stillness occurs. There will be no movement of air or energy, often with no sound. At that moment, you may feel enormous wings wrapping around you like a soft, silky blanket of peace and love. No matter how we feel his presence, Arch Angel Michael will give us hugs before he sets off to help another loving soul in need.

Spiritual Balancing Tarot Coaching - Align to connect to the divine in a way that's right for you.

The twin flame journey brought awareness to an uncanny discovery that we are all connected. We are attached to every living being through unseen ties or cords. The value of these relationships and all soul connections are of significant importance when it comes to Clearing Karma which is needed to complete the ascension process. When we ascend into the spiritual world, it also has a positive effect on our everyday life. It is possible to grow to new levels and achievements if we understand how to identify the toxic connections and let them go.

Arch Angel Michael and all unseen energies are with us to release the negativity that captures us and can make us feel stuck or unable to take the last jump into a new path. No matter what we face, call upon the angels for guidance and clearing and begin to walk in a direction created for you.

The spiritual side is more powerful than we know. Let's work together to create a life you love!


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