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Balance and Crypto Currency

Although the world changes have been underway for decades, it's now pointing straight at each individual, seemingly forcing us to reflect on ourselves, including our finances.

Through the pandemic's arrival in early 2020, the entire world separated from family and friends, romance, and even our careers. No matter what the belief is of the onset, the outcome is still transpiring to sequestering.

Now is the time to regain the inner knowledge we have acquired in our lives and incorporate in into our wellness programing. Grabbing the past lessons of what to do and not to do. Growing the mind, body, and soul for humanity's future, we begin to understand three internal components of ourselves to master.

Massaging the soul is bringing out the best or worst in each of us. Showing what our desires are deep inside. A hidden side unfamiliar emerges. The side that fears, distrust, and rebels against change are now waking to transparency and authenticity.

We are becoming more aware and active in learning about proper care of the emotional and physical bodies. Through nutrition, meditation, and other soft-loving care, we eliminate the negative and replace it with positive nutrients. Then we will be fit and robust to handle large workloads of the solo, at-home career, life balance.

The mind is equally a large investment in our overall well-being. It holds the power to give us a different life than we had. Idle is no longer a part of our existence, and the “101 procrastinations” are no longer a piece of our lives. The idle and stagnancy can create an imbalance affecting all that we have worked on in the other two sectors.

Out of balance in any combination of or one area alone can create havoc all around us. The chaos can subtly creep, slowly making negative results, or it can fly in like a tornado and knock us on the ground.

Balance of home, work, family, society, finances, health, friends, romance. Each area of us and around must be in balance, or the rumbling effects may come into play.

Some learned how to create this wonder, while others have been enduring trial and error. Thus repeating a negative pattern over and over again, still falling short. Even those that understood the art of balancing our lives may not have had enough coverage over all of the main areas of concern showing in today's society.

The obsessive focus on love, family, or career may have grown that section of the life pie a bit larger, causing a lack in another area, particularly investments. If we throw ourselves into one area, such as finding the right love relationship, not recognizing the changes around us and how they affect our finances.

Spending too much time, effort, and money in purchases to make our outward appearance appealing to as many as possible in hopes the "one" will emerge. Only to find that what we did do, didn't work, and now we have higher credit card debt and a lack of additional money earned.

If we begin to move into our soul’s authenticity, we can see ideas, concepts, and conclusions that we never saw before. The deeper we dive into our true beliefs, the more we tap into our eternal wisdom and knowledge. The internal component containing "what works" and "doesn't work" from each lifetime of existence. All of which leads us to the secrets of success in today's society.

Suppose we shift our focus to balanced proportions. Using a “pie” as the completion of wholeness and a secure foundation. Dividing the pie into pieces representing love, career, education, family, and so on. We can see what sections are too large and too small. We will see the balance or imbalance in our life.

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