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Climbing Mountains Of Unchartered Territories

We are climbing toward awareness, awakening, and ascension that move us into unchartered areas—rebalancing our lives because we hold an influential role in the upcoming decade.

Where is the year 2022 taking us?

The world will see us as whomever we are at the end of this year. January will heighten our thoughts and memories, and we will subconsciously focus on how we think and feel. No, it's not like before, where gasping for breaths overtook our lives and thoughts. The good stuff is starting to emerge and fill the open gaps unfulfilled for decades.

It is the moment for the showing of our ascension and going further. The broken dreams from childhood now will peek out to the world around us, revealing our core being—a time when brother and sisterhood is a truthful event without judgment and blame. Unity will start to trickle into the external walls we have built, and the pain of the past will not be lingering in the background.

Yes, there will be more changes. Evolution never stops, and neither do we. As human beings, we feel stuck to the core of the earth. Like a magnet pulling us to the ground, we have difficulty moving past specific points and thoughts, holding us captive.

We embellish knowing we are free to move through life with joy and discernment as souls. Focusing on our interconnection of the mental, emotional, and physical bodies will be on the tip of everyone's tongues. We share the loving energy and vibrations that will help others with seemingly no effort.

Are we strong enough to move into the new chapter?

Everything in life is a choice. Who we date, how we raise our children, and what company we work for is always our ultimate decision—the negative and positive connection to our core and shown in the outside world. The everyday struggles we have gone through made us stronger than we realized. Some of those struggles brought us to our knees, filled with anxiety and fear. Others realized that jumping was a huge hurdle, and we did it.

Climbing the mountains of unchartered territories can and will force us to move through the rough terrain that remains under our feet; we have overcome the slipping on gravel to stepping on stones that give us traction to continue.

Unseen disturbances that felt like snow and ice may have created a slippery path, so we learned how to ski and skate, leading on an upward slope. Every muscle was weakened and pushed to give up, but we didn't—the stones and pebbles were thrown at us, shielded with an invisible layer of protection. We will overpower the toxic and narcissistic abuse - no longer avoiding confrontation and doing it wisely.

We are riding out to sea on the roaring waves that make us feel like we are drowning has taught us how to swim in deep waters - to the floating buoy that guides us to the new islands.

Whatever our paths were, we as individuals have chosen to move forward—conquering the rough spots and backward momentum into a pendulum of balance. Almost at the top of the mountain, that felt impossible.

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