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Closing Chapters

New Beginning Toward Helping Humanity

The changes we've spoken about are happening at this very moment. How far have we've come in our personal lives depends on how much time and effort we have dedicated to ourselves? We each had inner and external work that led to accomplishments. Now we are ready to begin new chapters, including who and how we spend our time.

The plan for most of us is to have a better life. Being involves others who treat us with dignity, truth, and honor—the realization of perception and its influential role in achieving the ultimate goals.

Over the past four years, together, we have reviewed so many different aspects of life, love, and evolution. Discussing the concepts of soulmates, spirituality, and human interconnections that have led to self-awareness. Some have been able to make changes, while others still feel seemingly forced into new phases that have not yet.

The isolation and seclusion have brought us a way to release the people, companies, and thinking that no longer work anymore. Mercury will be going direct in the next few weeks, and those new chapters will begin for those who took action toward those life-long dreams and creations that have inspired us internally. A profound moment that gives us individually the opportunity to have the year 2022 maybe the best year ever.

Saying the words "I want better" and "I deserve better" are not enough to push our wheel of destiny into that sweet haven of upgrading to improve relationships. The communication with our thoughts and how we think and speak about ourselves is getting ready to be revealed.

Through the opening and shutting of countries, communities, and families, transformations took place. Some have chosen to stay in relationships and situations that leave us feeling weakened and fearful, leading to an unseen area of defeat.

Reflecting and closure

As we reflect on the closing cycle of October, Libra is weeping and laughing with balance for all of us. Triggers over the past decade revealed the reality of the people we love and their impact on our lives. It may have been occurrences where we recognized the truth in a way we never saw before.

Transformations are still in progress as we close out the year 2021. We reflect on the anger, guilt, and pain caused by others, whether caused by one, two, or perhaps a dozen of our closest and dearest. Equally and more importantly, on ourselves.

The twin flame journey has created a new world of cloudiness based on society. The concept is that the pain they bring us means they are the true love of our lives. Perception on this topic varies across each unique programming we have come to accept or persevere toward the conclusion.

Twins are the soul connections that make us see what we couldn't know before we met them—one of the most important experiences we have in human existence. Love is one of the deepest we will experience until we gain whole self-love and self-care.

As we all begin the new world evolutionary cycle through the final section of the year, we again will be looking at conquering the old open wounds of our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. In addition, the spiritual connections we have with everyone, no matter where or who they are, will be turning a new cycle.

We'd love to meet you and work together with you on your journey. Helping humanity is here for our subscribers and anyone that wants to gain clarity, focus, and knowledge toward their life and soul purpose. We invite you to check our service selections, and let's move your energy vibrations toward completion.

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