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4 Holiday Virtual Gathering Ideas

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

photo by Markus Spiske

It's certainly not easy driving from one place to another through the holiday season. Spending time and enjoying the memories of family gatherings is something to be cherished. Expenses have changed, and placing travel on the list may not be applicable this year.

The wonderful thing about the new upgraded internet system, we can still be with the ones we love - virtually.

Here are four tremendous connecting ideas for this holiday season. holiday

* Send your gifts, certificates, and packages to arrive before the celebration.

Both families can place them in the perfect spot to wait for the big opening.

* Prepare your meals together in the kitchen or ahead of time.

Cook the wonderful celebration food and get ready to eat with our loved ones.

* Search for the perfect virtual game that both families can enjoy. Some need no equipment. Share your game board on the screen and follow each other's next move.

* Find a fun-filled comedy or holiday movie and laugh together. Watch it together in two separate places, yet have the same experience and make a memorable day.

Turn on your virtual, and celebrate together. Laugh, giggle and enjoy one more favorite memory!


Members Holiday Virtual Event

All Ascending Souls Members Are Invited

Members Holiday Members Holiday Focus

Sunday, December 11 · 3:00 – 3:45 pm Eastern time

Meet our members in a one-holiday virtual group gathering. Share in our feelings, life events, and more. Q/A. Check your Ascending Souls Journey App for your invitation. Please make sure you are signed up for our website app. It's free and takes just a moment to complete.

Find two people to follow and say happy holidays before our focus group. Listen to your intuition when looking for the right person to follow. It will guide us in the direction that's meant for us. *some will receive the invitation by email.

Ascending Souls Podcast

We all have intuition. Through our personal and spiritual journey, we find heightened senses and hidden areas that may need more information.

Listen to our new podcast series Ascending Empaths—guest and personal stories and experiences that will warm your heart and bring more awareness into our lives.

Each Monday, a new episode will be available. Find more on Ascending Empaths site.

Follow us on Iheartradio, Apple, Spotify, Podcast Index, and Podcast Addict.

Episode 1 - Identifying Other People's Energy

* Upcoming - Guest Interview with Shorey - An Empath Guided To A Calling

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Private Sessions are going away.

Many of the current private sessions will not be available as we begin the new year. We will focus on live podcast readings, empowerment coaching, group sessions, and public speaking events to enhance the growth of many of our members and subscribers.

Here is the list that will be on a hiatus until further notice:

Psychic-medium Intuitive Energy GuideanceTarot readings,

Psychic Tarot Energy Healing and Clearing

Personal Meditation Videos Life and Soul Purpose

Enhancing through written and audio experience will significantly benefit our soul family at a higher frequency than normal. Healing qualities are transmitted through audio, and the mind expands through written words. We invite you to join in listening to the new podcast for anyone wanting clarity, spiritual growth, and Intuitive Empowerment.

All of our services are on sale, waiting to help you plan and prepare for the year ahead. Visit our services page and more selections on our scheduling page. *Additional days are open for faster scheduling.

Cut the ties for good! Feel lighter and more enlightened than before in our Cutting Cords Virtual Ceremony. It will be one of the most favorite gifts for yourself.

December 7 and January Options are available.

Please follow us on our social media as we focus on different modalities.

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Would you like to share your story to inspire others?

We all have a life story. They can range from anything, such as breaking away from an abusive situation, changing into a brand new career, going back to work after years of unemployment, and more.

We also have unexplainable soul experiences that would be of great value to inspire others. Understanding why your inner psychic turned on, seeing a sheer image of a deceased loved one, and even walking in a room with a negative entity.

Inspire others by sharing in a guest interview. We want to hear the challenges and how the guided empowerment came in and help your life change for the better. Progress is crucial to reaching your final goal even if things aren't completed.

Please email me if you or someone you know would like to find out more information.


All zodiac signs Mid December Guided Messages are being prepared to send out soon. In the meantime, visit your monthly guided reading and the 3 Most important Messages for December in the Ascending Souls Journey YouTube playlists.

Let's work together

Empowerment Package. Five different sessions to help in your completing a cycle. (2) intuitive guide sessions to remove blockages, (1) personalize mediation video, (1) Cutting Cords Ceremony, (1) Energy Clearing Session, and (1) 30-minute follow-up session. Over 1000.00 value now on sale for $480.

There is a buy now and pay later option available through PayPal.

Book the first session, and we will get the rest set up throughout the next 90 days.

For more information and order here.


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