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Community Changes

Groups, families, and organizations are a huge focus in 2022. Who we walk into in January 2022 will be “us” for the next cycle. Everything is coming to a reach of change and completion.

Turbulence is going to hit from all angles over the last four months of 2021. Staying engaged and in contact with like-minded others is one “KEY” to unlocking your doors to a different life.

I’m always guided on all readings, paid and public, and every day I hear “it’s time”. Beginning September 2021, we have a lot of changes taking place to help you and others. This will be a wild roller coaster ride for some of us as the old fall down and crumbles at our side, back, and anywhere that was meant to leave.

I guarantee it won’t leave without a struggle or even a battle. We have all we need to keep going forward and help stand up when hurricane is trying to knock us down. have all we need as a community to keep going forward and help stand up when a hurricane is trying to knock us down. Free, paid, and more. We invite you and your loved ones to join us in all we have to offer to assist in our souls and human evolutionary journey.

September Virtual Event

  • Energy Enhancement For Us, It’s great you know about your senses and energy. Now the question is, how are you using it to help your life? We use everything we have to help our families, friends, companies, and communities, and how much has been given back? New to our collection, “Energy Enhancement For Us”. is 2 hours on how to use those precious gifts we have and manifest them into our world. Join us in a two-hour live seminar to cover four basic steps filled with detail to help us in our lives. Create the job, money, and more with your universal energy and have the life you love. This time for you!

Here are some of the topics we will cover in the seminar:

  • Overview - Brief overview of universal energy

  • Balancing - How to balance in our “center” zone

  • How To - How to use energy to create jobs, relationships, and life.

The new year is our time to rise up and get the good stuff, for those that have been working on themselves. The true person, good, bad, and in between will show to the outside world. Even if it seems like everything is falling into place, it’s important to understand the energies that are working for us or against us. Register here and start enhancing your life!

The Divine Journey - “Why There Is Pain With The Twin Flame Experience” - will be a premier and live chat scheduled for 7 pm EDT Monday, August 30th. I will make a posting with the link for us to watch and talk about. This is through our YouTube membership program. The entire process of the journey we are all walking into, through, and out of will continue with Part 5 - Part 8. The entire series will be completed by the end of September. All recordings are available to view for our YT Soul members.

Giveaway - Universal Element Bingo - Community subscribers and members are invited to participate in our new game. Universal Element Bingo is that moment when the stars align and bring us a reward. Matching the elements is crucial to being able to use our energies. Are the stars aligning for you? Read our weekly email to find out your zodiac sign alignment and the giveaway for the winner each month. Did I hear you yell out BINGO!

  • Sales will be replaced with discounted 10%-70% off with codes, gift cards, and coupons. Subscribers and members will keep receiving savings opportunities through our weekly and monthly updates and newsletters. There will still be plenty of options to make the special purchase to help you or your loved one on creating a better life. Our exclusive membership community will receive exclusive membership offers in addition or other separate offers.

  • Group workshops, events, seminars, and live virtual sessions will be replacing some of our single sessions beginning in September. Our services will be changing to accommodate many that are ready to move up their ladder. Up, up, and higher by engaging in group gatherings. Reading and social interaction/connections will be highlighted as we roll into 2022, so we are going with the universal flow to help with your manifesting and pocketbooks.

  • My true soul purpose - I am definitely walking in my true life path which will always lead us to our soul purpose. As some of you know, my calling is to write for the new world, which is just several weeks away. We are changing to a world that will rely on writing for information and well, most things in life. I was and still am being guided to focus on my new books and membership, “The Ascending Times”. Single sessions will still be available and there are changes to help all of our community.

Service Changes Beginning September:

  • 20 and 40-minutes sessions for Intuitive energy readings, clearings, and long-distance energy healing.(psychic reading Love, Career, Soul's Purpose)

  • 50 minute Reading, guidance, and energy movement sessions

  • 30-minute ArchAngel Michael’s messages

  • 30 day and 90 plans will continue to help find, fix, and move forward

  • Subscriber special 10 touch-ups ($25) and 60 minutes sessions ($89.99) will be eliminated. If anyone is already a monthly subscriber, it will continue through the end of the monthly cycle and then be canceled.

  • Don’t worry, Past Lives readings, Twin flames, and all the other topics can still be addressed in the revised single sessions. We’ll still have everything you need, just in a different format.

Free Stuff Still Coming, I’m so proud to be a part of like-minded individuals like you. Over the past four years, I have devoted all of my time and energy toward guided messages and transferring energy to help humanity. All of my public posts, stories, and videos are completely free.

The value of the work I give for free is still a tremendous value if both sides are taking and giving. There are many ways to give back the information that has helped so many toward regaining their power. Today I am asking our community to contribute to creating balance on both sides of our time together. There are several ways to give back and help us continue to aid, guide, and yes, entertain.

Here are ways to give to our soul family community:

  • Donations - We receive an average of $400 per year in donations and this is a huge help to keep us inspiring others and ourselves. Please donate here to help us continue inspiring and giving guided messages to others.

  • Referrals - Gaining clarity toward our divine self is understanding that we no longer make decisions for others. Sharing with your friends and family to watch a video can create a positive movement for you. Let them decide and refer to us.

  • Thumbs up - Giving a thumbs up on our videos and social media will help us get through the shaking ladder toward helping a larger audience. With a bigger community, we may find the true experience or person of our dreams. Thumbs up our work knowing the messages are guided and will happen when it is your time.

  • Live YouTube tarot and energy readings will be returning. There will be one every other week between our Monthly and Mid monthly readings for our YT subscribers and members. You’ve been so patient waiting for me to get my electronic and AI set up done, and finally, confidence is restored as so are they.

  • Super chats will be on and we will give a chance for some to have a question answered. Remember to always thumbs up the videos to keep us coming back.

Social media posting - will continue and we sure could use some help from our community. There have been many of our Facebook and YouTube members that have not followed the rules of our community. Making a posting of political, religious, and any hate or violence is forbidden on all of our platforms. Unfortunately, the violators felt no repercussion, but our community has. There will be new private communities established on Facebook in September. This will be for those that realize breaking the rules injured me as a business and the reputation of the community. They will not be invited to our new, better-improved version and we will continue to bond and grow together.

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