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Spiritual Guides In The Age Of Aquarius

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The Age Of Aquarius

A time when balancing the light and darkness takes place through the universe—a timeline changing in the error of our history. Shifting from side to side happens like shaking a tree, where everything from top to bottom removes the clumps of debris that block the universal ebb and flow.

Fine-tuning and removing anything out of wack - The distorted and hyperinflated begin to blend into a smooth, balanced flow. The universal flow highlights honesty, integrity, deceit, lies, and betrayal. It focuses on communication skills, our words, and recognizing if they cause harm or help others.

The truth hidden for centuries becomes open for evaluation—shaking up anything that does not walk with the balanced universal flow. One of the primary factors this new time focuses on is abuse. It includes mental, emotional, physical, verbal, sexual, financial, and other types of abuse.

When the colossal energy shifts happen, it creates a movement that allows those who hurt others to show but only to those who are "awoke" to reality. It emphasizes the rampant toxicity in our world, creating a negative rippling effect in the universal flow.

We walk in a society that focuses on the negative, searching for the individuals and experiences that trigger us to feel out of balance. Finger-pointing, blaming, and shaming occur, but when we can see beyond what's in front of us, we can see the real culprits that usually hide in the background.

New Zone

Walking in the new "zone" of seeing beyond is what the world is trying to promote and focus on the global awakening. Through the awakening, people recognize the toxicity and do everything to avoid it, which is not much different from the past centuries. Isolation happens and going within to get the information and guidance we need has become popular. Anything that falls under the spiritual, metaphysical umbrella helps each person find their own identity and weed out what doesn't work.

How do we find the guidance? Friends and families have divided, no longer giving support to those we love. What is left?

  • Internal knowing that comes from our higher self never leaves us.

  • Dreams showing answers fill our heads, leading us toward the positive.

  • Thoughts pop in our heads that direct us toward a better path.

  • Consistent names, images, and symbols show up just as we ask a question in our head.

  • A soft voice says one or two words so fainted we must focus on hearing it, but we do listen.

The higher powers radiate from the most prominent energetic force are always around us. The animals on earth are here to help humanity, flying and hopping into our view at the right time.

Unbelievable power takes place to do the "shakeup." Celestial Muscle Arrives and has our back, but only if we are awake can we recognize it.

Often our guides lead us to organizations, empowerment groups, classes, courses, and even YouTube channels to answer the questions and give us the reinforcement we need.

They speak to us in various ways. We will understand the message if we are silent, focused, and open. Sometimes we can't hear the positive and the opposite negative whispers giving directions. Which voice we choose is up to us. If we are lost, we may choose the opposing side. Being in a "lost" state includes low vibrations attached to our thinking, emotions, spiritual, and physical bodies. It creates a feeling of being unaccepted, unwelcomed, undervalued, and other types of hopelessness.

There is no change in the cosmic forces helping us today compared to yesterday or the past. The unseen spiritual guides are still there for us to utilize.

If you can't find these signals, messages, and meanings, ask yourself if you have turned your back against the celestial help that guides you?

  1. Tune out all the outside noises and movements; televisions, radios, cell phones, and people

  2. Turn off your cell phones and computers to block the interference transmitted to us.

  3. Clear your thoughts, set the burning "how come and why" questions away.

  4. Sit in silence for ten minutes.

  5. Just be in the moment.

  6. A fainted image, voice, or thought will come to you.

  7. Listen, see, and feel it.

When you get up, the synchronistic signs will follow. Subtly, they will arrive to lead you in the right direction for yourself.

Much Love and Light


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