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Energy Shift Predictions

Repeating Energy cycles

October to April - April through October

In October 2021, there were many comments posted on our free YouTube tarot readings, where people expressed feeling tired and lacking in energy and not wanting to make an effort to create changes. Those pushing themselves to make changes had to work hard to keep the vibrations high to break the barrier of low energy vibrations.

April through October of this year will be heightened energy and a metaphysical sense of increased awareness. A wonderful time to create and implement any idea designed in our minds in the prior 6-month cycle. What did you think about last October? Are you ready to take the picture and make it a reality?

Life is a developing cycle that, when we know how to use it, we can make significant strides toward our goals. Whether it's cycles of monthly, yearly, or even decade, we continually can evaluate something that we thought was going to take place and didn't.

Everything we are thinking and doing is part of moving us into a new way of life. Divorces, new jobs, learning new skills, and discovering who we are, are a part of the Age of Aquarius. We should never stay in the past but allow it to guide us to prevent negative experiences from returning.

Dreams Begin

Our dreams will become clear as we continue in this six-month energy shift cycle. What that means is when we wake up, we must write out those dreams. They will reveal a missing puzzle piece that will lead many of us to another new ascension level, and we won't want to miss this one. The expansion of something we began will inevitably show in our dreams, giving us the break we've wanted.

We live in one of the most important universal cycles for humans and outer planetary fulfillment. It can be a glorious time to make the last leap into what we always felt was part of our destiny. Not only through our sleeping dreams but also in our daydreams. It's awkward not to understand what that memory is of a big toe and a tree, and with it comes a moment where we will regain our self-confidence to fill in the blanks.

Understanding our inner core connection with "Universal Energy" has been a distinctive form of progress. We are at the highest point of being authentic. The center is where there is no judgment toward another person, nor will there be anger. If we have a hic-cup, it won't last long and can return in an upward motion. Never beat yourself up for a flaw that creeps back into creating havoc. Self-awareness is a way to recognize how we act and what we say to others. Use it to get back on track in a high vibing energy field.

Energy Shift Predictions

The twin flame concept is the middle connection where we learn discernment through the relationship. We can open our arms and hearts to say to someone or something we love and feel the tingling effects of abundance. There is also the overgiving and empathic side that we must have mastered to see beyond the normal and to take back our power.

The end of May will leave many of us a little tired but still able to push ourselves into a new venture. Aching feet and weighted lower portions of our physical bodies will be front and center during this timeframe. Empowerment will slide in out of nowhere by mid-June, and before our conscious mind realizes it, we will rise to another level in our ascension process. It will affect our mental and physical bodies.

Reiki masters, energy healers, the mystic, and psychic tarot readers will jump into the shift. The holistic healing community is preparing for significant changes. It is a destined timeframe which means we may or may not be consciously aware of why we are making the changes. Using a trained expert in readings and clearings for ourselves is the best solution to finding the answers. It will feel like we are leaning on an old friend, a soul brother or sister that will return in the latter part of the year to stand by our side.

Teachers and group leaders will diligently apply and interview to get a new position for financial security. Others will start a new business, work for an outside organization, and even walk into an utterly alternative career path with a successful outcome.

There will also be a group of people that will feel left behind. Not because society is holding them back, but because they will do this to themselves. Multiple factors are part of the restraining of this group, including taking part in some or all of:

  • Disrespect other people.

  • Wasting another's time for their neediness.

  • Hold on to anger from a few or one past hurtful experience.

  • Wanting revenge with confirmation that another person was hurt.

  • Wishing harm to another person or themselves.

  • Refusing to accept accountability for their actions or lack of effort.

  • Blaming others for negativity in their life.

  • Not helping a fellow human being with supportive words and actions.

  • Over-giving to others and depleting themselves of their energy.

Toxic and narcissistic individuals will feel a deeper level of abandonment, intensifying as we begin moving toward the fall and inflate after October. A sheer veil hiding their dominance, greed, and jealousy will move slightly, giving others a glimpse of the Age of Aquarius's real meaning, ending discrimination and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse.

Many have become aware but have not seen the complete picture. It will arrive as we roll into 2023. In 2017, the eye-opening began and rose again in 2020. We are in a 3-year cycle of truth and justice. It will be crucial for us to know who we are and around us to use "Micro Vibes" to our way out of a turning backward point. Diving into our life and soul's purpose and seeing the value of our efforts will remain highlighted throughout August.

The far future is beautiful. Blending and accepting each individual will happen after the true awakening completes its cycle. There is no stopping what is meant to happen; however, there is a way for us to feel the freedom and create better for ourselves and those we love.

Mid-June and July highlight another vital aspect of the energy shift, including finding the organization or group that will help us the most. Leaders who teach us to focus, stay balanced, and regain our power are a must-have on our life list. October will be the critical month to be connected or re-connected with those who helped us through our healing.

The guides are saying never to forget the one that believed in us to get healing, a better job, a frame of mind, or a completely different life. The one who believes in us will be key to avoiding falling into the list of low vibrating energy. If we fail these individuals that gave positively, we will roll backward by the end of October.

Giving the right amount of time, money, and effort to the right people emphasizes over the summer. Reach out to those who helped you make the positive changes that are moving you into creating a better life.


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