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Life's Second Story

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The global awakening. The period in time where the universal energies have forced us to look at “truth” and how it surrounds our lives. Our Twin Flame Journey showed everyone across the globe a piece of truth.

Second Story helping humanity. Let’s help re-write a Life’s Second Story.

Watch our YouTube love readings during March and all proceed will be donated to Second Story helping children of domestic violence.

No matter whether it was a person, a job, or the universal waves, the poking toward awareness has happened. As the planets and universe have shuttled us into the “Age of Aquarius,” we are all filled with unconditional LOVE and everything drenched with it. Or could that be an illusion, too?

One thing is for certain, each person across the world felt the 2020 “backward/forward” energy. It was an eye-opener for many of us as we fumbled to figure out why things in our life aren’t on track with our expectations and timelines. Why the maps we drew for ourselves didn’t lead us to the buried treasure we always dreamed would manifest in our life. The newfound awareness of toxic events that occurred right under our noses was most profound in almost every aspect of life. From the financial habits we have to the way we speak to others, we realized we turned our heads to avoid or justify suspected abusive situations. As we faced the victimized child in the store when they say “hello,” we stutter and have difficulty looking at the innocence in their eyes. We fidget and stumble, trying to find something, anything, near us, to avoid them out of our conscious or subconscious guilt.

Later, adding to the devalued memories, we realized we shared in gossip as a form of justifying with common phrases such as, “oh, that’s just how they are” or “I don’t want to get involved.” Now rolling into 2021, those memories and more are back, rearing their ugly head. The horror of realizing something terrible occurred, and we didn’t follow our intuition. The feeling we added to the pain of the victim.

As we wake up to the real world around us, we can see an elevated amount of domestic violence, abuse, and homelessness on the rise. We can go almost anywhere in our local surroundings and see it firsthand or through the media. At the same time, we see acts of violation, violence, and pathetic excuses attempting to justify why the abuser took their fears and anger out on a partner or child.

Abuse comes in many forms and can involve emotional, mental, sexual, verbal, financial, and physical abuse, with others as well. The recent article written by NSPCC showed a list of thirteen types. A recommended quick read to find out the truth behind hidden abuse.

Just as unconditional love holds no bounds, domestic violence and abuse have no barriers to discrimination either. The vile treatments are given to anyone no matter the religion, race, and demographics; if there is weakness, manipulators will be there. There are those in life that learned to have no respect for another living being. Something taught them how to direct misplaced anger and led them to loathe others with bias and no accountability.

Over the next decade, the repetitive cycle will bring their karma back to them. The scales of justice will prevail no matter how long it takes. We are all born to speak the truth, and eventually, it always comes out. In the year 2021, the balance needed is and will continue to be recognized. We have only torn apart the nonworking components of life, and until accountability arrives, we must come together to help those we love and those that need us.

This is an opportunity for the collective consciousness to help humanity in a crisis. A time to take action for those that live in the neighborhood, attend a child’s school, or have a sibling to help them get the help they need. Whether it be through a setup volunteer group or a new career in the crisis treatment communities, all of us are needed to assist others in a safe place to escape the acts of violence. No child should have their hand slammed in a car door because daddy was drunk, yelling, and throwing a fit. In that fiery rage of unwarranted anger broke their own child’s hand in five places. A true story of someone that had experienced that amongst other acts while under the watch of their abusive father—a family plagued with abuse and reoccurring toxic experiences. All family members were victimized in some form through this relationship.

In early 2020, the “Times” posted an article where the author expressed the rise of domestic violence across the world, and an escalated amount of help for the victims is needed. A recommended informative read that may help see a subtlety to hidden truths. Help is needed across the world, and people are stepping into roles of leadership.

To help others, we must be able to keep our emotions in check. It is a hard path to listen to others pleading for help with the perpetrator throwing a loud, violent spectacle into the background. That’s what an operator may hear, the terror and fear from the caller. It doesn’t just come from the phone or in-person; we can feel “something” is off. Just as I see, feel, hear, and re-live my client’s experiences, the collective group may also be tapped into their energy to feel it from the person, often from the home where they live.

The powerful projection sent from the perpetrator shoots spine-tingling messages to the victim that reminds them every moment to stay alert and protect themself. The victims live in fear. There is a fear of being alone. The fear of calling for help. Fear to remain with the vulgarity of the other person. Abuse of any kind alters the conscious mind clouding their judgment and preventing the victim from making the “right” choices.

If you know or are a victim of abuse, it is imperative to follow your inner “gut” feeling. Only the victim understands how to read the abuser and when it is safe to seek help and even research this topic online. Those who have not experienced abuse will learn it is an emotional entrapment that imprisons another person to feel paralyzed and numb. Research everything from all the available organizations, searches, and education materials. If there is no organization near the area, consider starting one. This topic is a sensitive one that will need additional information in this field is imperative to a reaching hand.

The idea of transparency is frightening when we have done things we view as not acceptable in society. That can include cutting a car off so we can speed in front of them, telling a lie to get out of the meeting, stealing an idea shared by a friend and using it as our own, and everything else negative we can think of. Seeing the truth in the stillness surrounding us will either make us get up, help others, or turn our backs to the neighbor’s two houses down as they scream for help. We have always known abuse existed, and through the pandemic, we are learning to turn our heads will make it worse for everyone, even ourselves.

Every person has a Story to tell. Everyone deserves an opportunity to rewrite their life, especially those that have been victims of domestic violence. Second Story offers everything to our children and victims of these cruel acts in life and to the homeless. This incredible non-profit organization is an opportunity for our community as a starting point to help humanity. Opening our arms and our hearts to create the future.

For the month of March 2021, all proceeds earned from our YouTube channel “Love and Relationship” videos will be donated to Second Story. All we need is for our subscribers to watch these love videos until the end. It is so simple it seems like it would matter. I assure you the viewing of the videos and our Live Show Love Readings will make a difference. We all would agree it will help the organization and, in the process, it will help us too!

When it comes to any kind of abuse, there are no more excuses. 2021 will usher in many forms of abuse, leading many children to become a victim and homeless. We have an opportunity to open our throat chakra and speak through our comments while we watch a video. Some may want to continue to help others dealing with violence, while others will be led to their true life purpose by contributing to a cause. Everything happens for a reason; we have to have faith to follow through.

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Ascending Souls Journey, and click the bell to be notified. Then you can sit back and relax while helping humanity.

Please watch the Second Story video below and share it with all you know. We are all healers in rebuilding the new world by joining the lovely helping hands of hope, faith, and trust.

Souls caring and sharing ~ helping humanity one step at a time.

Much Love and Light

Lori Ann

Volunteer or donate today to give another a Second Story.

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