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Our Vibrations Create Change For Everyone

Photo by Ian Stauffer

We all vibrate from different frequencies. Each person's inner vibrations come from our core—the internal depth of our consciousness.

The results of the energetic vibrations can pick us up into a higher pulse to create and take action or plummet us into a negative pulse—an Intuitive Empowerment perception.

No matter what our zodiac sign is, our conscious mind is aware of the thoughts and feelings we are currently experiencing. Everything comes into the obvious. We can openly express how we are doing or the problems we face where consciousness is aware.

The unconscious mind is those experiences tucked away in our memories; the subconscious mind—past joys and traumas hidden that have not been resolved if we saw them in the first place. On a spiritual level, we feel them through our intuition. Our inner knowing is defined as negatively or positively seeing something or someone, including the energetic flow. It doesn't have to make sense consciously, but we know.

When we experience hardship or painful situations, we can heal them head-on, and they will move into a resolved position—aligning between the two minds. If we don't take action to remove them, they sit unconscious and can tremendously affect our everyday lives.

The universal energy is a flowing and pulsating movement that attaches to both minds every moment. Awake or asleep, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs move through the spiritual realm and connect to the human world. It includes the people around us or energetically connected.

So what's the problem?


We always have great days and not-so-great days. We're having a great morning, and the day is starting on a happy note where we feel good. As we move through our day, things begin to change.

Irritation shows up after challenges begin to happen. For example, if a car flies out of nowhere and cuts us off while driving to work, it can leave a small imprint of fear or even anger. It's not a big deal, so we tuck it away. Meanwhile, speaking to someone at the office, we're dismissed from a conversation and ignored from the ordering lunch pool. These combine in the same inner space as the car incident, and by the end of the day, our mood can change with those hidden sequences.

Many factors can alter our day. By the time we get home, those sequences begin to emerge. While sharing our day, we bring up the feeling of rejection. It returns later when cleaning up or driving to the store. If it bothered us in either of the two minds, it would continue to return until we resolved the experience. Our family, friends, and others intertwined with our vibrations will also feel the effects of our day. It can create arguments and toxic issues or a heightened sense of satisfaction.

Although this is a very mild example, it shows how we store situations within our separate minds. Bringing to the forefront to find out how to resolve life experiences can take a while. Everything depends on what happened, the results inside the inner space, and what we choose to do.

While we move through the day into the evening, our moods change internally. We can go up when laughing and down with anger. The problems arise when we go through the processing or evaluation—analyzing how we felt when rejected or cut off. Indecisiveness often bleeds in where we don't always understand, so we do nothing until we finish our evaluation.

While in between the unconscious and conscious states, we move with the energetic flow. Feeling rejected can bring in negative results. It alters our state and energy in the moment and shows up in our real life. The internet goes out of sync, plumbing backs up, or we seem not to have the anticipated money in our bank.

Our energy flows outward to the available currencies that are around us. Moving through the air with our thoughts and waters with our emotions changes the positive or negative flow, which constantly moves and shifts around us.


Even though these are minor examples, they create a force of power when compiled together. We can go up or down with intense experiences and even toggle between the light and darkness involved. The Empowered Forces will escalate movement and the intensity of the experience.

When we wake the next day, we clean our slate and begin again. If we have something unresolved, it will create an upward or downward movement in our energy. We can use alternative routes and avoid the people that negatively impact us; however, if the original issue is still inside the inner space, we can unknowingly bring in the same experience.

Faced with something or someone that reminds us of what's going on, it will trigger our core to reopen and evaluate what's inside. Our intuitive gut reaction can be to fight, run, or indulge in the new day experience. Familiarity with the past returns when someone talks about a topic or person stuck internally. It will rattle our solar plexus and alter the currents moving around our life and ourselves, producing a similar situation as the last one.

Triggering is a warning from the universe to heal or remove the negative situation and enjoy the positive ones. The spiritual realm helps humans to heal themselves. We can find a new person that walks by name-dropping about a counselor, job, or intuitive empowerment coach that can help us go in the centering again, aiding and aligning the inner space to become open. Clearing out the path of cars on the highway and all cars staying in their lanes is an attribute of the vibrations we create. The added boost of the person smiling and waiving as the pass is your welcome from the higher realms.

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Triggers by life experiences, soul connections, and other scenarios that can alter our energy state mean it's time to do something different. Deep traumas can sit inside for years and decades, but the smaller or less significant ones accumulate. All of them take our power away when we can't see the obvious but yet have an intuitive or psychic hunch something is going on that can't wait any longer.

Moving our energy comes from the center. The unconsciousness will create repetitive cycles, while the conscious mind is aware of what is happening. Relocating them makes Empowered Forces that can completely change our outcomes in real life.

These shifts can happen gradually over time and also instantly. The timing depends on the situation at hand and the person. If we see someone stuck under a car, we can immediately hop in the center and know precisely what to do the helping them to get out of the bad experience. A person helping someone dealing with an illness will know the right time to take action in giving them the appropriate treatment.

There are people every day making choices that cause affect other people's lives, often not knowing consciously until the experience ends. Generally, those situations happen instantly. Others choose a career path or move into a project that will bring positivity to others, where it takes excellent planning and time to build the foundation to stand firm to avoid failure.

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The energetic vibrations from our core can make us take action or stop us in our tracks. It is up to each person to tap into their inner psychic. We can create changes to make a difference for us and those we love. Everything we do, say, think, and feel is essential in manifesting or creating a better life.

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