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The Unique Gifts Of Mom

Mom and their overly caring efforts to make our lives better have their work cut out for them. With each decade comes a towering moment in the evolving world around us, and with it comes the younger generations pulling in their independence.

They were constantly pouring out their love and affection to us. In the beginning, we threw up on them and followed with a big smile to make it all better.

We learned relatively young how to play on the emotions of our towering person of unconditional love—manipulating our moms with a twinkle of an eye or the giggle that rolls out from our bellies.

Moms often know their children so well they can see a life planned out for each of their little darlings. Even if the darling cant' see it.

Mom's constantly pushing us to be better than we believe we are. Perhaps they contradict themselves as they bellow out words of wisdom that seemingly didn't work for them. They give us strength and courage to make life choices, always leading us to pick a path filled with inspiration.

Then the day rolls in when we grow up and take on our independence. Taking everything mom taught us and sorting out the gems from the rubble of information received and how it can help us.

Rare moments begin to occur, revealing truth and honesty on both sides. A particular time when we see our mother. For a split second, we see the raw stone brought up from the earth churning into the destined diamond—their fears and weaknesses with their determination and fearlessness in the mix.

As we grow older, we can choose to see our moms and all they gave us. Some moms aren't very good at sharing in the way we like and deserve, yet they can still provide us with something to help in our future life of adulthood.

Looking deeper into this figure that walked us through our youth, we can see they may not have had time to finish finding themselves. When we aren't ready, having a child can lead to a pivotal and revolving relationship, even dysfunctional.

Even a toxic mom can inspire us to go into a specific career or life path, perhaps providing help for domestic violence victims or becoming a child counselor. We can choose a life that includes wisdom or rejects it; it's up to us.

There is always a positive attached to a negative, including with our mom's. Many of our moms forced us to look for the positive. That may be their life purpose- pushing us to see the opposite side of the equation.

This Mother's Day, celebrate with confidence knowing that we chose to use some or all of what mom gave us.

Those times she tried to fix your shirt when you walked in the house, only wanting you to look your best. To be your best so you can have the best. Perhaps it came from the acts of a selfish individual that had pain attached to the experience.

Whatever the situation, it can lead us to be like them or not like them and still look our best because we choose it.

Moms have it rough; freely giving advice and being met with a handheld up to push back the words or walking behind our child speaking to the back of their heads.

We also can be roughing it when we engage with mom. If we hold back our beliefs and truth, it can create a blockage in our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. It then causes damage from unseen areas deep within our soul that weren't validated or healed.

We can now see that mom may have had a similar life experience and taught us to do the same. Now we know how to help without attachment.

We, as children, see our mom from a different angle than an adult. Look for the gifts mom gave and took those into the world. That one area that hurts us the most usually holds an attachment to what we are meant to do in the future if we choose to see it.

Give gratitude for life and the choice to turn our negative into a positive. Use the unique gift of mom to make changes that create joy around us. Unique indeed! Whether we are a mom or have a mom, we all need to clear out the barriers and blockages that hold us back. Enrolling in the Breaking Through Blockages may be the best gift mom could ever have.

Give mom a unique gift this year—a gift of self-enhancement and clarity. An energy clearing session may help release the pressures and stresses of the evolving world. It can be a gift of thank you for helping give mom clarity and guidance as they become an empty nester.

2021 is the year to do it differently and help our moms turn their raw stones of reality into gems of the evolving soul. To remove negativity and replace it with positivity. Doing it differently in the future is what will bring us joy. It will bring us new lives that we are creating.

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