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TIPS: 3 Cost Savings

January 2021 TIPS: 03 Cost Savings

Souls caring and sharing for a balanced life.

As a single mother of four children trying to make ends meet was not an easy feat.

Hours spent researching the “how-to tips” that seemed to be applicable for our family rarely.

Even though it may not have seemed productive, there were many ideas and inspirational moments from the researched tips.

“With a family of five, the grocery bill was always of concern” for my family.

One of the methods we can use to gain that spark of feasting is to look at the nutrient needs of your family and what they like to eat. Take your thinking cap off and allow yourself to imagine what you can create that will spread into two or possibly three meals.

For example, I would purchase a whole chicken. Clean it and boil it until it is falling apart. Remove the chicken and while it is cooling, clean out the broth that is still in the pot. (strainer and by hand).

Shred the chicken and separate them. Because we already have the broth where there is an outstanding amount of the nutrients attached, you can use a small portion of the shredded chicken. Divide the remaining and freeze it for enchiladas, tacos, taco salad, chicken salad sandwiches, casserole, BBQ pizza, or a Cesar salad. If you don’t like chicken, try the larger roasts or anything that you want.

If you are vegan, try tofu, cheddar cheese, or eggplant as a substitute.

There are numerous ways to save money all the way, from clipping digital coupons, planning, and preparing. Once the planning is done, the rest will be easy. A happy family is reuniting to share their day at mealtime, while you sigh with a smile!

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