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TIPS: Souls Caring And Sharing

Information and ideas are shared to help maintain mental health and life balance.

All it takes is one word, one idea, or one TIPS to make large shifts in our lives. It can be hearing someone on the subway proposing to another or the words “Love Dogs,” and we get a zap! Like a bolt of lightning, something clicks inside of us where we see what is hidden. A missing piece in our lives that can make massive changes.

2021 is now here and ready to push some of us forward where we may feel out-of-balance, exhausted, and not wanting to share much, but feeling like we should. Souls caring and sharing is our motto!

We will be posting one TIPS each week to help in Money Saving, Work-Life balance, Alone (Me) Time, Nutrition, and much more. This is a participating forum, and we can’t do it without you! Subscribers will be able to apply to share TIPS for a future listing, The perfect opportunity to begin speaking your voice and sharing your ideas. Opening the throat chakra after we haven’t spoken in a while is challenging, which will help.

Family isn’t always those we are born with- it’s those we choose to spend time with, and we pick you! Please click the subscribe and sign up so you can be a part of our family. As a subscriber, you can comment and send an email for your offering. Life is giving and take, and we’re all working on balance. Mentally, Physically, Soulfully


Understanding nutrition and fitness and how they affect our body can take a lifetime to master. Certain medications do not mix with natural holistic practices and may cause an adverse effect. Always conduct your research and check with your professional health advisor before beginning new programs. This informative website should not be constituted by consulting in finances, nutritionists, psychiatric and mental health, medical and legal providers. Please refer to a specialist to verify your situation. Please see our policies.

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