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TIPS: The Gallery

January 2021 TIPS: Doing It Different. Souls caring and sharing for a balanced life.

An affordable way to help our children increase their value. Buy a couple of dollar frames at the dollar store, wrap them up and let those little hands and brains get creative. The Hall of Fame is what my four children named our wall. It was beautiful!

We can do this anytime with our children, and they love it! If you want to make a family affair of it, paint the wall together (make sure you have permission). Give each of them their own painting clothes and a brush and let them begin to cover the wall in positive enforcing colors, words, and pictures. Let them draw themselves on paper and put it in a frame.

Continue to add to the wall to grow your children's accomplishments, and remember to put a special place for stickers, so they don't stay glued to the wall. This is a beautiful way to teach your children to realize that reward comes with effort. With inspiration comes a wall filled with success. A home gallery is a simple, affordable, and enlightening way to let them know you love them.

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